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Don't Forget the Lyrics! After a year off the air, on January 25,20th Television announced the debut of a www winner option it all lyrics syndicated version with Sugar Ray www winner option it all lyrics singer Mark McGrath as host in September Taping of the show's third overall season, and first as a syndicated show, began on June 15, www winner option it all lyrics The show premiered in daytime syndication and in primetime on VH1 on Monday, Www winner option it all lyrics 20, In this show, a single contestant is prompted to complete song lyrics for increasing amounts of money.

After each correct answer, the contestant can continue playing, risking what has already been earned, or quit the game and take home all the www winner option it all lyrics he or she has already earned. If the contestant continues playing and correctly completes nine song lyrics, he or she will be given a lyric from a number 1 hit to complete. The primary difference between Don't Forget the Lyrics and other music-based game shows is that artistic talent such as the ability to sing or dance in an aesthetically pleasing way is irrelevant to the contestants' chances of winning.

In the words of one of their commercials prior to the first airing, "You don't have to sing it well; you just have to sing it right. Contestants are given nine categories such as " pop ", " The Rolling Stones ", or " divas ". Contestants pick one of the categories. They are then given a choice of two different songs. The contestant then chooses one of the songs and are told how many missing words they will have to provide. The band starts to play the song and the lyrics are displayed on large monitors in front of the contestant, who sings karaoke style.

At some www winner option it all lyrics, the lyrics are shown as blank spaces and the music stops. The contestant then fills in those blank spaces. They can then decide to "lock in" the lyrics which is the same effect as saying "Final Answer" on Millionairechoose one of the "backups", which are answer-assistance options that are similar to lifelinesor choose to walk away with the money they have won so far. One contestant plays the entire show, with one song each from four different categories.

There is also only one "backup"; the three lines, which may only be used once. Sometimes a few words turn green at a time rather than all of them at once, creating suspense; this is often done if one or more words will turn out to be wrong, and the incorrect word or words generally will show up in the final reveal.

If the words are all correct, the contestant's score increases to a higher amount, accompanied in the version by music previously used for a correct answer on Show Me the Money a shorter www winner option it all lyrics of that music accompanies a reveal of part of the lyrics, and the version uses a variation of the correct answer sound from Duel.

Lyrics that turn red are incorrect will result in different situations depending on version. In the version, that signaled the game ending, but correct words are still colored green. In the version, the contestant continues playing, with no money won or lost. In the version, after nine correct answers, contestants can choose to go for the "Million-Dollar Song". In the version, regardless of the level they have reached, contestants can choose to go for the final song.

There is no other information on the song revealed to the player other than that the song is a 1 hit from one of the nine categories featured in their game.

After the contestant sings, they can change it if they want but they have the option to lock in something or walk away. A different sound is used for locked-in incorrect lyrics on the million-dollar song [ citation needed ]. The final song is referred as the Encore Song. If a contestant incorrectly sang any of the first four songs, any winnings up to that point will be doubled if the Encore Song is sung correctly, or lost if at least one lyric is incorrect. Again, the song is hit from one of the four categories.

Any contestant who wins no money on the show leaves with a customized MP3 player [ citation needed ]. Similar to the "3 lifelines" concept from Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Each backup may only be used once, and while the backup singer will still be available for the Million Dollar Song if it has not been already used the other two backups will be revoked. The version only uses the "3 Lines" option, and after several episodes this became the GEICO Backup in a limited number of episodes [ citation needed ].

In its debut, Don't Forget the Lyrics! Since the show's debut, FOX had reordered two additional runs of 13 episodes each during the television season. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved on 24 June Retrieved August 5, Retrieved from " https: All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from April Articles with unsourced statements from December Views Read Edit View history.

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