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So here you go! What am I using in my day trading station? Best Day Trading Setup Best day trading station best laptop for day trading best laptop for day traders dell xps dell ultrathin 27 asus mb16ac traveling day trader digital nomad day trader best digital nomad job best job for digital nomads how to travel and day trade cameron fous timothy sykes kunal desai warrior trading ross cameron dekmar trades jason bond penny stock millionaire tim sykes.

Video Bagikan Unduh video Tambahkan. I really would love to win but prob wont! And wont stop untill I achieve my goal. The next fake trader. I do not believe you have earned any money on the market, I think you are an ordinary dream sale. You earn by putting stupidity on other traders. This is my opinion. Hey man looking for a newsetup, noticed we have the same laptop and mouse! I agree, best products in there catagories. Which DVD still works in today's markets of yours fous4 or fous4x2 and do you still use the patterns explained in both of the DVDs.

Winning this course will allow me to utilize the knowledge to get more people on board and change the lives and also find a way to contribute back to this community! Hope i do get it, Sir! I guess its not shipping before Q3 tho Im trying to learn to trade I need some good videos to listen to while at work as I look for my mentor what have you.

I'm recently new to stocks and have all day to listen and learn I'm like 3 months in but excited to learn checking out what you have to off and recommendations would be fantastic I'm addicted to my phone at the moment while never at home working learning: I got money and looking for some good traders.

I cannot explain the amount that I can give you to trade because it depends on you. But if you like to join as a trader of mine just reply me because I'm looking for someone.

May be it worth than your total net worth. Try a portable projector might work better. No cracked screen, right. Is there any books you would recommend on trading. Hi Cameron, cesar from New York. I would love to get this give away, it would help me a lot now being a beginner on trading. Really inspirated by you and the lifestyle. Currently in college but I feel I belong to this world. Peace and love man. Negro council voted to seize land form Europeans, no compensation.

SA very dangerous for whites right now. I'm considering trying out a Chromebook for trading. Reasons are great battery life avg 10 hrs, fast startups almost instant from turning on, light and thin, and very fluid and fast web browsing.

Curious if you have considered it or tried it already? For traveling with a Monitor I would strongly recommend looking for a Pelican case. That will protect the display and survive getting checked at the airport. I teach you Muay Thai and you teach me Trading.! I was going to comment but this guy should win hands down. Thank you for your service! You should get a beamer for your travel set up.

There are some pretty slick small ones out now that would work well. What software do you use for tracking stocks? I'm confused, you said the Dell XPS was the best laptop but then you said you are probably going to get the new MacBook? Any reason for that? What's the point if the Dell is better or is it a personal preference? Could you tell me the reasons please thank you! I want to experience how it feels like to be a successful trader while im still young. I think i should be the winner because there is nothing greater than being your own boss to your daily, weekly, and monthly income.

I want the world in my passenger seat. How do you get her there? I know I should be the next winner because I will outwork anyone and any obstacle that gets in my path.

My life until this year has been jumping around from one job onto the next. Holding various positions always chasing a better pay per hour with one thing in common, always working under someone else's breath. I want more and strive for more, which is why I am constantly looking for a better paying job. I am a prisoner of labor because I dropped out of college a few years ago because I felt as though college held no value to me, I just recently re-enlisted as a student and still feel as there is no value yet I want to get a degree to satisfy all these employers who feel it is a necessity or as they call it: But since my first job I held I made sure I did one thing at any job I moved to or any job I jumped to and that was to outwork everyone in the room.

I don't care what fancy diploma is in your hand, what shiny license is under your belt, or what spotless certificate you carry neatly in your pocket. Those are just expensive pieces of papers given to you by institutions proving that you sat in a classroom, behind a computer monitor, or on your phone listening to someone read and lecture you from an outdated textbook.

I believe I should win because I would be a strong asset to your team, and I will not let title, certification, or diploma sheep discourage me from consuming all the content of the training program. And someday become a strong asset to your team. I will not be outworked, I will not be led, and I will not let you down. I know I will become a successful trader either way, win or not, but but I would love the opportunity to work with you.

I know it would speed up the learning curve for me drastically. I should be the next winner because you are living my goal right now and I will be able to better implement what you have to teach as it is more directly aimed towards my true goal. I wear an awesome pair of pink sunglasses.

You may never get the opportunity to meet me if you don't pick me as the winner and that would be a great shame for you to never get to say that I am the winner. I have seen your previous videos explaining about the alphascans or iqtrade platform, but visiting this webs seems like they are not operational yet.

Are you considering this project to be launched in the future? By the way, what is your opinion about web platforms to make trades? Really to show their skills? Haha we do monday-friday every week of the year dude on FOUS4live Havent you checked out our website yet?!

The dream dont come no closer by itself. I gotta run after it now! I am very determined for this and with this goal came to NYC from Russia, even I would pay you as much as it's costs later but right now I can't afford to myself to buy any courses ; So I would be more than happy if you make more videos for very beginners but thanks a lot.

Sebastiaan Langenberg 2 bulan yang lalu. Now i think its time to go realise my dream, becomming a day trader. There are many ways to do that but i think that this is the best way to do it. I'm a 35 yr old single dad of 3. Along with many variables that have recently put my life on a slight downtrend, my mom had a stroke recently but im hopeful that things are starting to range out.

I'm hoping this is the dip! Lol I've lived an interesting life to say the least. Not so much on the positive side, but I've vowed to make better decisions to mold a brighter future. Being that i really dont do social media, I will now go and create an Instagram in hopes that you haven't already picked a winner. Appreciate your time and consideration. Im sure your super busy, but maybe if I'm not chosen we can still grab a coffee sometime in SD and i can pick your brain lol. Aristotelis Nikitopoulos 2 bulan yang lalu.

Hey, I think, it how much you make depends on if you are a trader or a person who trades and teaches others how to make the most out of it. At the end of the day we all want the same: Future is cryptotrading I think I wonder what you guys think about companies like IML goo. Made good profit on this.

What do you guys think? Id be honored if selected for the chance to really dig into and learn to be a day-trader! All I've ever wanted to do was work for myself in an area that I felt comfortable. This is my chance to break out of my lifestyle and change my family tree! I appreciate even the chance for consideration. I should be the winner because:

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This Infernalis point release fixes several packagins and init script issues, enables the librbd objectmap feature by default, a few librbd bugs, and a range of miscellaneous bug fixes across the system. For more detailed information, see the complete changelog. This major release will be the foundation for the next stable series. There have been some major changes since v0. Please read these release notes carefully.

We have decided to drop support for many older distributions so that we can move to a newer compiler toolchain e. Although it is still possible to build Ceph on older distributions by installing backported development tools, we are not building and publishing release packages for ceph.

Upgrading directly from Firefly v0. It is possible to do a direct upgrade, but not without downtime. We recommend that clusters are first upgraded to Hammer v0. This fencing is enforced by the Infernalis monitor, so use an upgrade procedure like:. All cluster nodes must first upgrade to Hammer v0. The main notable distro that is not yet using systemd is Ubuntu trusty The next Ubuntu LTS, Ceph daemons now run as user and group ceph by default. If your systems already have a ceph user, upgrading the package will cause problems.

Add the following line to ceph. This will make the Ceph daemons run as root i. Newly deployed daemons will be created with data owned by user ceph and will run with reduced privileges, but upgraded daemons will continue to run as root. Fix the data ownership during the upgrade.

This is the preferred option, but it is more work and can be very time consuming. The process for each host is to:. You will need to remove any OSDs using that backend before you upgrade any test clusters that use it. When a pool quota is reached, librados operations now block indefinitely, the same way they do when the cluster fills up.

By default, a full cluster or pool will now block. Instead, it returns 0 upon success and a negative value upon failure. There is no need to deprecate this command same major release since it was first introduced.

This is the first Infernalis release candidate. There have been some major changes since Hammer, and the upgrade process is non-trivial. Although it is still possible to build Ceph on older distributions by installing backported development tools, we are not building and publishing release packages for them on ceph.

All clusters must first upgrade to Hammer v0. User can upgrade to latest hammer v0. If your systems already have a ceph user, the package upgrade process will usually fail with an error. This is the preferred option, but is more work.

The process for each host would be to:. These notes are somewhat abbreviated while we find a less time-consuming process for generating them.

This is the second to last batch of development work for the Infernalis cycle. This development release features more of the OSD work queue unification, randomized osd scrub times, a huge pile of librbd fixes, more MDS repair and snapshot fixes, and a significant amount of work on the tests and build infrastructure.

This development release is delayed a bit due to tooling changes in the build environment. As a result the next one v9. This is the first development release for the Infernalis cycle, and the first Ceph release to sport a version number from the new numbering scheme. We recommend that all infernalis v9. If you compiled your own application against librados shipped with these releases, it is very likely referencing these removed symbols.

So you will need to recompile it. Ceph daemon failed to start, because the service name was already used. Ceph file system is not freeing space issue , pr , Yan, Zheng, John Spray fs: Segmentation fault accessing file using fuse mount issue , pr , Yan, Zheng librbd: Avoid re-writing old-format image header on resize issue , pr , Jason Dillaman librbd: Verify self-managed snapshot functionality on image create issue , pr , Jason Dillaman librbd: Ceph daemons are now managed via systemd with the exception of Ubuntu Trusty, which still uses upstart.

The RADOS cache tier can now proxy write operations to the base tier, allowing writes to be handled without forcing migration of an object into the cache. The SHEC erasure coding support is no longer flagged as experimental. SHEC trades some additional storage space for faster repair. There is now a unified queue and thus prioritization of client IO, recovery, scrubbing, and snapshot trimming.

There have been many improvements to low-level repair tooling ceph-objectstore-tool. The Swift API now supports object expiration. There are many Swift API compatibility improvements. The rbd du command shows actual usage quickly, when object-map is enabled. The object-map feature has seen many stability improvements. Object-map and exclusive-lock features can be enabled or disabled dynamically.

You can now store user metadata and set persistent librbd options associated with individual images. The new deep-flatten features allows flattening of a clone and all of its snapshots. Previously snapshots could not be flattened.

The export-diff command command is now faster it uses aio. There is also a new fast-diff feature. The —size argument can be specified with a suffix for units e. You can now rename snapshots. There have been ongoing improvements around administration, diagnostics, and the check and repair tools.

The caching and revocation of client cache state due to unused inodes has been dramatically improved. The ceph-fuse client behaves better on bit hosts. We now build packages for: CentOS 7 or later. Fedora 22 or later. This fencing is enforced by the Infernalis monitor, so use an upgrade procedure like: OSX build fixes Yan, Zheng build: PriorityQueue tests Kefu Chai common: EIO injection David Zhang osd: SHEC no longer experimental osd: WBThrottle cleanups Jianpeng Ma osd: Be careful installing this RC on client machines e.

It will be fixed in the final v9. There is now a unified queue and thus prioritization of client IO, scrubbing, and snapshot trimming. WBThrottle cleanups Jianpeng Ma pycephfs: A few highlights include: