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This app freezes constantly. Their website is even worse with a plethora of issues as well. Every time I switch between time frames or symbols the app freezes and I have to shut it down. Any of the chart work I perform on my laptop does not update to the symbols on the app.

So, what is going on here? Need to have notifications such as incoming messages. Need to be able to set alerts. And last but not least a little issue with incoming messages. The messages in PM do not update as they should.

I have to go online to view incoming messages. But other than that the app is great! Would easily rate this app 5 stars if it worked consistently, tradingview app not updating lately last two weeks or so have been having major issues with the Watchlist populating with data.

When I open the app, it goes straight to my Watchlist which has 24 symbols listed where I can see tradingview app not updating symbols but no accompanying prices or data. I close the app and re-open it, same problem. Then randomly later in the day, it will work and then stop working again. Developer responded to my review and stated that they are aware of the issue and are working diligently to fix.

Very impressed by this and increasing review to four stars until fixed. Will update to give stars once resolved. Thank you to the developer for being so attentive to AppStore user reviews! Developer followed up this morning to confirm that everything had been fixed. It has, and back to a 5-star rating. Thank you again to the developer for being so attentive to my review! Tradingview app not updating app was working for me till yesterday.

All of a sudden the technical indicators stopped working. Do you have any patch for this issue. It would be nice if paper trading is implemented into the app. Please update the app already to support iPhone X. The overall user experience would be much better for users who have newer technology. TradingView is indispensable for trading cryptocurrency, except for one thing: If they update the layout for iPhone X it will be a 5 star application but right now the navigation bar and tab bar are instructed on the iPhone X and makes it more difficult to navigate.

Fix that and I will go 5 stars! It would be the simplest thing in the world to just label tradingview app not updating exchange but these plebs dont have a clue I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. I use mobile and laptop for this platform. And I lost all of them.

Hopefully we can see something like this rolled out in an update. I love all the customizations and the small touches like price updates of the current stock in the browser tab. The app however seems to be nothing more than a Web view of the desktop experience.

I like the website and had really high hopes for the app. I just installed it and got a nearly balnk screen filled with gray rectangles, surrounded by grayed-out buttons and tabs. Nothing worked and it seemed to be locked up, so I force-quit and tried again.

So either the app is totally broken or the person in charge of OOBE is on vacation. Please make an iPad version! I love the phone version. What more can one add to this title. This is not a fart app to simply scale your iPhone layout. Ether u have iPad version or u don't. Tradingview app not updating of which, when will you release a proper iPad version not this scaled rubbish?

Many issues trying to use this on my iPad Pro. Chart is stubborn to tradingview app not updating, no time interval, no way to change ticker, no way to navigate back to home screen. Then fillip it back the prices on the right disappear. I bought my iPad in hopes of drawing better charts but since you do not have iPad support the star will remain 1. Needs ability to lock drawings on mobile. My fat fingers keep accidentally tradingview app not updating my pitchforks and I have to back to my PC to redraw.

This app is quite complete. Please tradingview app not updating this feature. The website does it. I like the app as it helps manage your trading live. However, there is no tradingview app not updating version for the app!! Ipad version is a must as it easier for user to use than mobiles. Please do make ipad version. It's nice to be able to see and analyze e charts without being tied to the cpu.

Is there any plan to offer live trading from directly within the app any time soon? Or create an app for iPad to go along with the iPhone version? How can I email tradingview app not updating I have set up a video that is self explanatory why your app autoscale does not work properly.

These guys are doing great stuff with their desktop application. I never leave reviews but wanted to for this company. The mobile app is also really tradingview app not updating. Otherwise this app kills it for charting and technical analysis in a compact fashion. I am a paying member of Tradingview and use the desktop version all the time. It really is upsetting when someone asks me what I use to tradingview app not updating, but when I go to show them a graph on the mobile app it bugs out.

It will load the graph, but within a few tradingview app not updating reloads and opens apple stock. If I reopen the graph I originally selected this happens again and again I have tried closing tradingview app not updating the app and reinstalling all together.

I can almost guarantee the people I was showing would've paid and used the service for the sole reason I use it, except my presentation of the app is plagued with this bug. Please put a strong effort to fix this for the benefit of both the consumer and producer of the app. Great user interface with easy to use menus. The only thing I suggest is that giving an option to change the cryptocurrency value to read in dollars.

Tradingview App Info 42 Ratings Price: Oct 9 Version: Customer Reviews of the Tradingview App. Great App, Wonderful Developer Response! Best crypto charts around! Not ready for iPad Pro?

Got a suspicious log in alert soon after. But is missing iPad version so badly Waiting to see what the dev can do! Uninstalled in 5 mins. Where Are The Alerts???? No one likes a "2x" app on the ipad. Chart View is hard to adjust.

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