Which is the Better Bet: Amazon or eBay?

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Buying for Successful Selling. Efficient Searching to Find the Best Deals. Gearing Up for Savvy eBay Buying.

Researching to Save Time and Money. Qualifying Your Merchandise and Methods. Building Strategies for Your Sales. Setting Profitable Price Points. Setting Sensible Shipping Costs. Using eBay s Free Listing Tool: Tracking Your Auction Action. Boosting Sales through Dynamic Research. Prettying Up Your Auctions. Getting Great Images for eBay. Prepping and Photographing Clothing. Photographing the Tuff Stuff: Touching Up Your Photos for eBay. Uploading Your Pictures to a Server.

Finishing Off Your Auctions. Notifying Winners and Sending Invoices. Leaving Feedback Quickly and Gracefully. Downloading Your eBay Sales Reports.

Reporting Failed Transactions to eBay. Operating Efficiently with PayPal. Understanding PayPal Accounts and Options.

Arranging Shipping Directly through PayPal. Selecting the Best Packing Materials. Picking the Right Shipper. Shipping with the U. Getting Brown with United Parcel Service. Insuring Trading options for dummies ebay the Worst. Working the eBay Community. Opening an eBay Store. Becoming an eBay Trading Assistant.

Getting the Stamp of Approval from SquareTrade. Running trading options for dummies ebay Efficient Back Office. Going Legit with Your Business. Monitoring Your Financial Reports.

Keeping Your Records and Data Safe. Avoiding Sick Days by Staying Healthy. Acting Like a CEO. Building Business Buying Plans.

Marketing Your eBay Listings. Using Google to Build Your Business. Raising Bids and GSM. Flying Your Banner on eBay. Co-oping with eBay to Lower Advertising Costs.

The Trading options for dummies ebay or Fun Stuff. Raising Money for Your Favorite Charity. Organizing with Auction Management Tools. Staying Away from Spam. Keeping Password Accounts Secure. Glossary of eBay Sellers Business Terms. Skickas inom vardagar. So, you ve gotten started on eBay. You ve made a few purchases and your first sale. You may have even built a moneymaking business.

Now you re looking for ways to ratchet things up. You re looking for the insider tips and tricks for the easiest ways to take care of listing items, completing transactions, and keeping good records and you don't have the time to do all the research.

Marsha Collier, an eBay University instructor and best selling author trading options for dummies ebay eBay For Dummies and Starting an eBay Business For Dummies, has collected the fastest and most effective techniques for finding items to sell, setting up your sales pages, pricing items to move, getting the word out about your business, collecting payments, shipping your item, and taking care of all the paperwork.

Time is money after all. So why waste time when you can be making money on eBay. This book contains over 60 step-by-step techniques proven to add efficiency to your eBay operation. Finding sources for merchandise to sell on eBaySetting attractive prices and shipping costsHandling multiple sales without losing your coolPrettying up your auctions with digital photo and HTML tricksTracking payments and shipments and keeping your customers happyWorking with PayPal, both on and off of eBayEnhancing your status in the eBay communitySimplifying your bookkeepingCreating marketing, merchandising, and advertising plans Solving problems quickly when trading options for dummies ebay occur.

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July 15, by Mike Butler. Robyn is a professional trader who has been involved in the markets for over two decades! We're lucky enough to have Robyn in the office each week to film a segment on the tastytrade network called "I'm Ready to Start. This post is designed to help bridge the gap between the mechanics she discusses and actually placing the trade.

Earnings announcements have a tendency to increase implied volatility due to the uncertainty of what may happen to the stock price after the earnings are announced. Some of the biggest stock movements come after an earnings announcement is made, so option premium is pumped up. Robyn looks to take advantage of this by selling a reverse jade lizard, which has a neutral to bearish assumption. A reverse jade lizard is constructed by selling an out of the money naked call, and an out of the money put spread.

The idea is to create a package with a credit that is larger than the width of the short put spread. This eliminates all risk to the downside, because even if the stock price plummets, we are still profiting from the total credit as it is larger than the potential downside risk.

Max profit is received on this trade if the stock price is between the short strikes at expiration. Robyn sells a Visit the follow page on dough to see what Robyn and our other featured traders are trading in dough! And, if you have any questions about Robyn's trade, leave a comment below! This week, Robyn traded a ratio put spread in Netflix.

See how and why she did it and learn the mechanics of her trade here! Robyn takes advantage of this high implied volatility environment and sells a strangle in OIH today!

Check out this article for all the details! Robyn is back at it with her trade of the week! This week, she takes advantage of high option premium in FCX, and deploys a custom strangle! Check out this article for more details!

Beginner intermediate Blog Sign Up Login. Robyn's Trade Of The Week: Robyn's trade has been adjusted since the segment aired on July 15, as explained below. Reverse Jade Lizard A reverse jade lizard is constructed by selling an out of the money naked call, and an out of the money put spread.

Setting Up The Trade On dough: To place the trade on the dough platform, follow the instructions below: Load EBAY onto the trade page. From the strategies menu, choose reverse jade lizard. In the advanced settings menu, change DTE to 9, and select weekly options. You can then adjust the strikes if needed. You can hit review and send to analyze the risk profile of this trade.

A reverse jade lizard combines a short naked call and a short put spread, both OTM. Max profit is received if the stock price is between the short strikes at expiration. There is no risk to the downside with a reverse jade lizard if the total credit exceeds the width of the put spread. Robyn Mendel , ratio , put spread , etf , implied volatility. Robyn's Ready To Trade Live: