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Open topic with navigation. When you use a paper trading account, you have limited access to Account Management functions. With a paper trading thinkorswim paper trading canada, you are limited to the following Account Management menus and functions:. Password lets you change your paper trading account password by logging into Account Management with your paper trading account. All paper trading accounts start with 1, USD of paper trading equity. To reset your paper trading account.

WebTrader opens in a new thinkorswim paper trading canada window. Login with your account username and password. The Paper Trading Activity Statements page lets you view and print daily statements for your paper trading account, and download trade information to Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

Daily statements cover the last 45 days. To view thinkorswim paper trading canada print paper trading activity statements. The Activity Flex Queries page lets you create highly customized report templates for Activity Statements. Flex Queries let you specify exactly which fields thinkorswim paper trading canada want to view in your Activity Statement, the time period you want the report to cover, the order in which you want the fields to display, and the format, TEXT or XML, of the report.

You can create multiple templates with different fields for thinkorswim paper trading canada statement. All of your templates are stored in Account Management, and can be easily run from the Activity Flex Queries page.

An Activity Flex Query is different from an Activity Statement customized template in that you can customize a flex query at the field level, allowing you to include and exclude detailed field information. Activity Statement customized templates only let you include and exclude sections.

You can also add default Flex Queries for Trades and Positions, then use those queries as the basis for your own by editing them. The Trade Confirmations Flex page lets you create multiple, customized report templates for trade confirmations. A trade confirmation Flex query lets you specify the exact fields you want to view in your report, the time period you want the report to cover, the order in which you want the fields to appear in the report, and the thinkorswim paper trading canada format for the report.

You can create multiple Flex Queries with different fields for each query. All of your Flex Queries are stored in Account Management. You can also add a default Flex query, then use it as the basis for your own by editing it.

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You will get , in practice currency to test out your trading strategies. Please note that the answers to the questions are for information purposes only for the products discussed. Individual circumstances may vary. In case of discrepancy, the documentation prevails. How can we help you? We matched that to: You may also try: I do not reside in Canada. What type of investments can I trade on thinkorswim? How do I find out more information about investing?

What is the thinkorswim Platform? How do I get a direct deposit form on the TD app? How do I open an account? How can I identify transactions I don't recognize? How do I get and provide a void cheque? Is there a fee to send an Interac e-Transfer? How do I locate my closest branch? How can I identify transactions I don't recognize on my credit card statement?

How do I find my transit number, institution number and account number? How do I find my transit number? How do I cancel a pending Interac e-Transfer either send money or request money? Did we answer your question? We're sorry this didn't help. How could we improve this response? If this tool was not available, how would you have found the answer to your question? Thank you for your input! Still not finding the answers you need?