Turkish gold trader details money laundering scheme for Iran

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Starting a gold trading business is no longer the reserve of Swiss bankers from Zurich. The only investment required is a website, and you can work on your business for as many hours as you like. The first step is to open a BullionVault account, which you can do here. Opening an account is a simple process that requires your name, email address, username, and password. The username you choose will also be the name on the unique link that you give to prospective referrals, so make sure the username is something you would be comfortable telling others, the gold trader at least a memorable name.

For example your personal name or business name would be suitable, but sexypandadoll69 does not sound like a professional who trades in gold. Once you enter your details your account is open and you can start referring immediately.

While the opening process is easy, you will need proof of identity when you attach your bank account to BullionVault, so make sure you are using your real details.

This the gold trader a registered financial institution after all, and you will need to declare your assets and earnings to the tax man in your financial jurisdiction. Follow these steps and you will be online in about 15 minutes. Once you have settled on a name you are ready to register your domain name and get a hosting package. For domain and hosting we recommend Bluehost. Order your domain and hosting here and then follow these instructions. If your preferred domain is available you will then go to the account information page.

Fill in the required account details. For the package information there is no need for the extras, though if you want to keep your domain ownership private you can opt in here. Domain registrants are required to publish the name and address of the owner of a domain. If you are not comfortable with your address being made public then select Domain Privacy Protection. You now have domain and hosting for your gold trading business. The next the gold trader is to set up WordPress.

WordPress became number one because it allows anyone to the gold trader a website without any knowledge of coding. From there you will be shown an installation page. Next, select which domain you would like to install to. You can choose to select your domain with a www or without. At the next step select Show advanced options. Here you will set your username and password for your site. You will soon receive an email with your login details, or just go straight to your login page at yoursitename.

Every new WordPress site comes with some pre-installed themes, which you can use to start your site immediately. You can of the gold trader choose another theme for your site. To get an idea of the sort of designs available have a look in the WordPress Themes Directorywhere there are thousands of free themes to choose from.

If you the gold trader to just the gold trader your link up straight the gold trader you can get your the gold trader code from BullionVault which will look like this:. You can add this to a blog post and refer your contacts to your new site, where they can sign the gold trader via your site. Over time your site will develop as you add more content and come up with ways to promote your business. For now though you are now an the gold trader online gold trader.

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Ask an investor how to make money with gold and most would say by trading gold like shares buy low, sell high or by owning mining shares or owning a mine. A little-known way to profit from gold trading is by referring gold buyers to open an online gold trading account. As well as being an efficient and cost effective way to buy gold, BullionVault also offers the opportunity to make commissions by referring other gold buyers to open an account. In addition to that you will also get 6. Not only can you make a commission on two levels of referrals, there is also the bonus of residual income.

Commissions from your referrals and their referrals are paid for 2 years from the date each individual account was created.

While you will have referrals who are buying gold on a monthly basis gradually building up their gold deposit, there are also those who use their BullionVault account for short-term gold trading. Similar to stock market day traders, these gold traders are are buying and selling in large quantities on a regular basis, taking their profit from the daily fluctuations of the gold price.

Like any affiliate program your success will depend on what you put into it. One of the best features of the BullionVault Referral Scheme is instant commission payouts. Once a deal is confirmed and closed your account is credited with the commission due. You are free to transfer your money to your nominated bank account, or you can put your commission earnings towards buying for gold for your own account.

This would rank as one of the fairest affiliate program payment terms online. Even if you only make a few dollars a month with the BullionVault referral program you can put that towards the account management fee for your own gold deposit.

Opening a BullionVault account is free. Account registration takes less than a minute and once your account is open you are free to to start referring others. There is no obligation to buy gold yourself, so you can use the account to refer others. You can get started by opening a BullionVault account now and referring people you know who are interested in diversifying their investment portfolio.

Any referral commission made does not affect your gold price or the commission charged by BullionVault. See website for full terms and conditions. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Gold Resources Links to other gold sites.