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To trade, all you need to do is bet on whether the price of something will rise or fall below a certain amount - if it is correct, you win and get paid. If not, you lose all of the money you originally invested. You can choose various commodities to trade in such as gold, super alertspro binare optionence or stocks etc. The value of a Binary Option is made up from the super alertspro binare optionence of the asset you want to trade.

For example, you could bet at 2. You are not buying or selling the gold, just predicting whether the price of it will rise or fall. Time periods involved tend to be very short 5 or 10 super alertspro binare optionence but some firms offer longer periods to bet super alertspro binare optionence. Action Fraud super alertspro binare optionence received reports June - May about binary options in the last year, with an average of 27 reports super alertspro binare optionence per month.

Those who have mostly reported are men who have being paying via debit or credit card. Reports of binary options fraud which are made to Action Fraud are assessed by the NFIB and sent to law enforcement for investigation. The City of London Police earlier this year arrested a year-old man from Essex who was alleged to have been the controlling force behind Base2Trade, which is now in liquidation. The company sold fraudulent binary options trading from three offices in the City of London; located on Bishopsgate and New Broad Street and in Tower He has been released on bail until August.

If this is not the case, any super alertspro binare optionence options that the firm offers will not be regulated either by the Gambling Commission or by the FCA. However, other European Union EU countries consider binary options to be a financial, rather than a gambling product. This means that although the FCA does not currently regulate binary options, firms offering binary options trading which operate as financial services firms in other EEA countries, are able to do business in the UK and consequently appear on our Register of financial services firms.

Platforms are set up all the time to appear legitimate, but are actually fake. Victims who reported to Action Fraud wanted to share their experiences, one said: I declined this offer. Despite numerous phone calls to the office for someone to call with my account details, no one super alertspro binare optionence returned my calls. A second victim said: The account grew and showed good returns.

All the transactions were done by debit from two of my credit cards. I was given their bank details to enable me to do a wire transfer, but did not use that function. You are here Home. When do Binary Options become fraudulent? Fraud occurs when Binary Trading Platforms: Offer a higher than average return on an investment. Refuse to credit customer accounts.

Break all contact with the customer. Manipulate software to distort prices and payouts. Victims of Binary Options Fraud share their experience: If in doubt, where you think a firm offering binary options may not be trustworthy or legitimate, do not transfer money to them or provide them with your bank details. Be mindful of any bonus structures and clauses preventing you from withdrawing funds. The Gambling Commission advises that UK consumers should research the market carefully before participating in such activities.

Check whether a company holds an operating licence from the Gambling Commission by searching the public register of super alertspro binare optionence. If you think you have been a victim of fraud you should report it to Action Fraud by calling 20 40 or by using the online reporting tool.

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