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Can I have my document sent via an express mail service? Our processing center can receive express mail, however, the returned documents will not be returned by express mail. Can I renew more than state of ohio license plates options trading hours vehicle online?

The renewal is fleet-based, so each vehicle in the fleet is state of ohio license plates options trading hours for the renewal. The State of Ohio requires that each transaction include the Financial Responsibility Statement, and acknowledgement of insurance obligations, before they can move forward with the transaction.

Your account number and fleet number are what you will need to complete your renewal. Can I renew online if my address is different from what is on the renewal notice? You have the ability to update your account information as you complete your renewal transaction.

Can I reprint my cab card online? However, online users have the ability to replace the cab card online. Can I use the printable confirmation as proof of registration until I receive my credentials? The confirmation is not sufficient for law enforcement requirements of registration. Can my fleet renewal notice be sent to me via email? At this time, renewal notices are sent each month by regular mail at least 60 days prior to the expiration date. How do I cancel this online transaction?

Cancel options are provided throughout the online process. Please note, however, that if a Temporary Authority TA is issued the transaction cannot be cancelled. How do I know if my transaction was successfully completed? Once the transaction is complete, an email confirmation will be sent.

How early can I renew my registration? You can renew your account 90 days prior to your expiration date if it is in good standing. The system will not allow you to proceed.

How long is my session active? State of ohio license plates options trading hours session will only remain active for 20 minutes when left idle.

How long will it take to receive my new credentials? Please allow business days from the payment date to receive your credentials via regular mail. I received an error message reading, "This session was canceled or timed out. You may have experienced a loss of connectivity or left the session idle for more than 20 minutes. Try to log into the online system again. I never received my renewal application. What do I do?

You may still process the renewal online or at one of the IRP locations using your account state of ohio license plates options trading hours and fleet.

If you would still prefer to do a mail-in renewal, please contact the Ohio IRP Processing Center at to have a renewal application mailed to you. Only vehicles that will be driven on the roadways require the yearly registration renewal. Is it legal to operate my vehicle if my credentials have expired but I renewed online? The credentials must be with the vehicle at all times. May I renew my leased vehicle online?

Please check the current list of leasing state of ohio license plates options trading hours at http: My credentials have expired. Can I still use this system? A carrier can renew their fleet anytime within 12 months past their registration expiration and maintain the same license plate. What address will my credentials be mailed to? The credentials will be sent to the mailing address listed on the account at the time of payment. Two or more plates will be sent to the business address if the mailing address is a P.

What are the hours this system is available? The system is available hours a day unless otherwise announced for site maintenance. Announcements for maintenance will be posted within hours of the occurrence. What are the valid dates for the Schedule ? What documents do I need to do my renewal online? Who do I contact with questions about my online transaction? Will I receive proof that the BMV processed my transaction? Yes, once the payment is processed you will receive an email confirmation.

Weight changes are allowed for those groups already existing on your account. How do I add a vehicle to my account? How do I add another state to my account? How do I delete a vehicle from my account?

A vehicle can only be deleted from your account at renewal or when processing a plate transfer transaction. Please review the Carrier Manual posted on our website https: I have changed my address since the last state of ohio license plates options trading hours I registered my vehicle. You can update your address online during renewal. To update your address during the registration year, the IRP application must be submitted to the IRP Processing Center by mail or in person at any of our four locations.

A list of the four IRP locations can be found at http: Information on my renewal application is incorrect, how do I correct it? You can update your address, contact information and vehicle information online during renewal. My registration has my registrant name s spelled incorrectly. How can I have this corrected? Information Corrections are not processed online. A list of our four IRP locations can be found at http: Can I get a duplicate of my receipt? A receipt will be emailed to you for your records.

Can I use a debit card for payment? The payment options available are credit card or debit card. Does the BMV charge an added fee to use this online transaction? The Ohio BMV does not charge additional state of ohio license plates options trading hours for renewing online.

Renewal fees are the same if you renew online, by mail or at a local deputy registrar. However, there will be a fee for postage on any transaction completed online, by telephone or by mail. How will I know when my invoice payment been processed? You will receive an email that confirms when the payment was processed.

How is the vehicle registration fee determined? The exact cost for your plate is not determined until your application has been processed and the fees calculated. Is this online transaction secure?

How does the BMV protect my personal information? Will my credit card information be protected? To ensure security for your transaction, you must use a Web browser with secure socket layer SSL capability. What forms of payment can I use? Online payment can be made by credit card MasterCard, Discover or American Express or by debit card payment. Payments can also be made in person or by mail with check unless otherwise noted on the invoice or money order.

When a vehicle is added, are the fees pro-rated? Registration fees are prorated by month. You will receive an email of your receipted transaction. Will the information I provide be shared or sold? The BMV does release information to government agencies, for vehicle safety recalls, to courts, for limited research purposes, to insurance companies, to towing companies, to private investigators, to CDL employers, and for other public safety purposes, all in accordance with the restrictions and limitations imposed by law.

What vehicle type qualifies for company logo plates? Ohio vehicles registered with apportioned plates may qualify for the company logo plates at this time. What is the additional cost for company logo plates? Where can I purchase the company logo plates?

The company logo plate may be purchased through the IRP processing center, by mail or at http: Who can apply for the company logo plates? Companies that have a minimum of 50 vehicles in their fleet are eligible to establish a special plate for the vehicles in their company.

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Information about parking tickets, vehicle impoundment and more is available by calling the PVB automated information line at If you believe your vehicle has been towed, you may call the line to see if it is in our impoundment lot.

You may pay by cash, check, money order, credit or debit card Visa, Master Card or Discover , see below for options. You will need the parking ticket number or your license plate number.

Be sure to include the ticket number or the vehicle license plate on your check or money order. We will be open on Veterans Day. Call to pay by phone with a credit or debit card only. You will need your parking ticket number. You must contest a ticket within ten 10 calendar days from the issue date of the ticket. You may either contest the ticket using the link below, in writing, by U. Click here to contest a ticket or request a hearing online.

Click here for more information about Columbus Parking Tickets. Pay a Parking Ticket Online. Closed Day After Thanksgiving: Regular business hours Christmas Day: Closed New Year's Day: Information about parking tickets, vehicle impoundment and more! Automated Information Line Information about parking tickets, vehicle impoundment and more is available by calling the PVB automated information line at Columbus, OH Be sure to include the ticket number or the vehicle license plate on your check or money order.

Monday thru Saturday 9: Claiming a towed vehicle You will need the following: Monday through Saturday 9 a.