Electronic engineering applied to intelligent spaces and transport

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On the first evening of summer — the longest night of the year — Wednesday, June 21, the monthly Fantastic Fiction Readings Series presented fantasy authors Catherynne M. Despite the throng, the room was pleasantly cool; must be the altitude. Kressel then announced upcoming readers:. All dates are the third Wednesday of the month.

Additional details may be found at http: Her second offering was the title story from Singing With All My Skin and Bonewhich she had never read aloud before. Robot binario dark orbit gates an intermission, co-host Ellen Datlow opened the second half of the program by giving away two anthologies, exhorting us to thank the Bar by buying drinks, and introducing the next reader. Eventually, she flees back to Hollywood, adopting her own secret identity complete at times with skintight outfit and maskDelilah Daredevil, porn star, with, ultimately, a tragic ending.

Prior to the reading, Datlow, as usual, whirled through the room, taking pictures. Some might thank him for listing their favorite book. As with the previous core lists, here are twenty Problematic Speculative Fiction Works chosen entirely robot binario dark orbit gates the basis of merit and significance to the field 1 and in this case, the likelihood of encountering their avid fans. No implication is intended that these are the only twenty books you should consider or the only twenty books whose fans may some day corner you so they can expound at length on the virtues of these books.

There are about nine books in robot binario dark orbit gates series. The show started as a series of two-hour TV movies and then a proper second season, from what I can figure out. Do you think that the underlying conditions of free speech as it is associated with dubious technologies, are they getting better or worse?

Robot binario dark orbit gates knowing it was a crime. Complaints Choirs took their inspiration from a conversation in Helsinki. Perhaps it was due to the coldness of the day that they ended up discussing the possibility of transforming the huge energy people put into complaining into something else. Perhaps not directly into heat — but into something powerful anyway. Kalleinen and Kochta-Kalleinen thought: As complaining is a universal phenomenon the project robot binario dark orbit gates be organised in any city around the robot binario dark orbit gates. Kalleinen and Kochta-Kalleinen offered the concept to different events where they were invited as artists — but it was only after Springhill Institute in Birmingham got excited about the idea that the First Complaints Choir became a reality.

Distribute flyersspread posters and write a press release. Everybody can join, no singing skills required! The more diverse the participants the better. From pensioner to teenager, everybody has something to complain about. The people that sign up for the choir send in their complain before the first meeting…. Professional filker Miracle of Sound has a released a Wonder Woman song. There is pain There is joy There is so much they destroy Every soul here is a two way battleground.

Here are links to the first five of a dozen posts BookRiot has published in honor of the day. Yesterday it was supposedly speculation. Another unexpected side-effect of tech: It was one of the first connected cars that synchronise wirelessly with smartphones for entertainment and work purposes. But after he sold the vehicle, he was astonished to discover that he could still control it using the associated smartphone app.

Engineers at the University of California are working on a soft legged robot that can navigate difficult terrain.

Its complex design has been achieved through 3D printing. One possible use for the robot would be to help in search and rescue operations — perhaps in a collapsed building. Its legs can alternate robot binario dark orbit gates walking, crawling and climbing.

The quake actually took place in when it laid waste to the city of Santa Barbara and caused 13 deaths. News organisations across the US received the emailed alert about the quake which, if it had been real, would have been one of the largest ever recorded in California.

Few organisations reacted directly to the news because it was dated 29 June — exactly years after the actual event took place. The UK gets ambitious: The stated robot binario dark orbit gates of the new Bill is to make the UK the most attractive place in Europe for commercial space — including launches from British soil. Carrie Fisher found some old diaries she wrote when she was filming Star Wars and having an affair with Harrison Ford.

She used them as the basis for a book. One great feature is the episode transcripts. I was super excited. And then next category is Best Semiprozine which has you in it! Look at you guys. Robot binario dark orbit gates at you on the ballot.

There is a lot of work that goes into the Book Smugglers as you know. Would you have your feelings hurt if I voted for Strange Horizons first and then you second? I was just feeling it out. I was very conflicted, because I love Strange Horizons and I think Niall Harrison has done such amazing work for the past robot binario dark orbit gates years. But I also want one! Our language is a robot binario dark orbit gates house. Some of its glories are well-used and well-polished, taken out and set on the table every day.

This is a series devoted to dragging some of the quainter antiquities out, and dusting them off for you to see.

Oh, you have a dirty robot binario dark orbit gates. No, no — it had nothing whatever to do with X-rated matters. We have pure minds around here, at least at this moment. I truly believe that exploring our nerdy passions with science helps appreciate both even more. Robot binario dark orbit gates today, you can watch the first episode of my new Alpha show The S. Check out a promo below:. Title credit goes to File contributing editor of the day Bill. If the frame is SF, in Amiens, we can not reasonably ignore Jules Verne, and here we are quickly at the Steampunk point.

The superb poster by Krystal Camprubi is there to remind that. The guest of honor, representing Africa, stands with a suitcase ready to disembark at the convention. The magazine Galaxies has dedicated an issue to African Scifi, and some of the authors published in this magazine will be present in Amiens.

The list has not been finalized at this time. You robot binario dark orbit gates find here too a picture and presentation of Ketty Stewart and Oulimata Gueye, masters of this issue, and members of Nemo too. Vladimir Arenev is the pen name of the science fiction writer, journalist and screenwriter Vladimir Puziy.

He writes in the Russian and Ukrainian languages, and resides in Kiev, Ukraine. Born in in the same city, he teaches the history of literature and directs writing workshops. Walsh and Tom Kidd. Her short stories are often set in an alternate universe based robot binario dark orbit gates a fusion of Aztec and Asian cultures. She lives and works in Paris, France. More information about Bodard can be found on her webpage. He upset a number of hearers and ignited a controversy that has played out on Facebook and several blogs in the past two days.

Steven Brust posted his text: Fourth Street Fantasy Convention is not a safe space. On the contrary, it is a very unsafe space. Of course, it ought to be safe in the sense of everyone feeling physically safe, and in the robot binario dark orbit gates that there should be no unwanted harassment, and it should be free of personal attacks of any kind. But other than that, it is not safe. Your beliefs about writing, and my beliefs about writing, and what is good, and how to make it good, should be sufficiently challenged to make us uncomfortable.

The interaction of art and politics is getting more and more in our faces. Anyone who thinks art is independent of social conditions is as hopelessly muddled as someone who thinks there is a direct, simplistic 1: The result of this is that political understanding, unexamined assumptions, agendas, are very much present in the art we create and thus in the discussions of that art.

The same is true in discussing technique, because technique, content, form, attitude toward the creation and role of art, and understanding of society, are all interconnected, and in challenging one, we are liable to find ourselves challenging another….

We, the board of the 4th Street Fantasy Convention exist to facilitate energetic and even challenging conversation. We want to provide spaces to do so, in both a moderated and unmoderated fashion. At 4th Street, the conversation is intended to spread from our shared spaces to more private spaces where attendees may consent to discuss, discourse, blather or argue about anything on any terms they desire.

We do not prescribe a mindset or an approach for attending 4th Street. We do not demand that anyone be made to endure anything against their will. We want to provide a space in which everyone feels welcome, and everyone respects the welcome we desire to extend. What we do here can be hard, it can be frightening, it can be exhausting. We want to support you in doing it. We want you to know that we take robot binario dark orbit gates needs, your comfort, and robot binario dark orbit gates sense of safety robot binario dark orbit gates seriously.

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Screen maps, debugging and testing are covered utilizing business oriented assignments. Topics include the latest development tools, database features and strategies, embedded SQL programming, administrative APIs, CLI. ODBC and OLE DB programming, JAVA programming, stored procedures and more.