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At each stage of the power analysis process we attempt to maximize your chance for success and minimize or eliminate the possibility that you will not be able to accomplish your goals. We are committed to your success. Rather than settling for a narrow collection of the most necessary operating modes and the most popular measurement accessories in order to minimize our effort and maximize our profit, we are committed to providing solutions to measure and analyze almost any electric power system of any size anywhere in the world.

Nevertheless, we continue to expand our measurement abilitiesbecause there is always a new need. Success is maximized by designing in redundancy. Success is maximized by minimizing errors. Therefore we continue to add wizards and experts to our software and firmware that make it harder and harder to make a mistake.

Trade-ins can be arranged. Success is maximized by providing opzioni binarie indicatori that is backwards compatible and most accessories can be used with any analyzer. Success is maximized by world-class technical support. PowerSight provides the most experienced team of power measurement professionals in the industry and we are committed to your success.

When there is a problem, we understand it and probably have a solution. When there is no ready solution, we go the extra mile to resolve it.

Our analyzers are opzioni binarie indicatori to grow in their opzioni binarie indicatori over time. As long as you keep your warranty active, you get free access to the newest firmware and software and usually the newest features and accessories.

We have customers with analyzers that have been warranted for 20 years. Included with the warranty is one free calibration each year. By design and attitude we are partners in opzioni binarie indicatori success. Skip to content You are here: Designing to Maximize Success. PowerSight is the only major manufacturer to provide direct connection to medium voltagesbecause our customers needed it.

PowerSight is the only manufacturer to provide power-line noise analysis up to kHzbecause customers wanted that ability. Every meter has a generous amount of internal memory and SD memory to provide for redundant storage of data.

Opzioni binarie indicatori the data in the opzioni binarie indicatori is lost, the SD card is still available and vice versa. Every meter has independent methods to move data and configuration into opzioni binarie indicatori out of the meter. All communications can be accomplished via wireless communications and any type of data transfer or configuring can alternatively be accomplished via the SD memory card.

It is your choice which way you wish to move the information. In addition, you can use the keypad of the analyzer to adjust and over-ride settings at opzioni binarie indicatori test site at the moment of need with no computer support.

Most communications incorporate error detection and automatic retransmission. Our user interfaces in our software and in our analyzers try to allow multiple ways to get the answers that you seek so your intuition is more likely to achieve success.

They also provide multiple ways to view the same data so you can view it and report it in the way that you feel is most effective. SureStart Expert System is a rules-based knowledge system that advises you in plain language of any possible errors in the connections and setup of your meter BEFORE you start your test. The last thing you want to happen is to return in a month and not have the data you need. DataSetup Wizard guides you to selecting a data setup for the analyzer that achieves the needs of your application.

Rather than deciding on the details of logging periods, measurement types, trigger settings, and opzioni binarie indicatori memory, you can select the desired outcome and it provides a high likelihood of success for you.

Not only does it allow you to balance personnel and equipment resourcesit guarantees that the correct data setup will be active in the meter for each test point and it automatically redirects and re-names the resulting test data so opzioni binarie indicatori is where you want it and named what you need.

Eliminated is the guess work and error of knowing what data set opzioni binarie indicatori from what test point. ReportWriter Wizard lets you create convincing reports amazingly fast. More important than that, it insures that the summary results are correct. Opzioni binarie indicatori are eliminated in calculating maximums, minimums, and averages between two points of a data set.

A convincing and accurate report yields success.

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