Groupon probed by trading chiefs

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We have a number of procedures in place to ensure that if a business lets a customer down they online trading groupon investigated. When something goes wrong, we do everything we can to make things right including refunding customers and, if necessary, cease working with the business. With regards to Premier Photoshoot, clearly we made a mistake and online trading groupon short of our own online trading groupon. It goes without saying we no longer work with this business and have offered Rosalie a full apology as well as a refund.

We have also processed refunds for other customers who bought this experience. This scale allows us to give our customers great deals on top named brands. As with any major online retailer, we take counterfeiting seriously and work hard to make sure that no-one ends up being disappointed with their purchase.

We work closely with suppliers to perform checks online trading groupon ensure counterfeit items do online trading groupon enter the supply chain. The whole experience lasted for more than 2 hours and not 45 minutes as they presumed. The whole experience comprises of a minimum online trading groupon 2 hours in all — Makeover, dry hair styled and Photoshoot. It would be absurd to have such an experience without a proper makeover and hair, plus makeup.

Photoshoot is the end product which in itself lasts for about one hour. To note that Shane and Rosalie spent not less than 3 hours in the studio on that day. They selected to buy 13 pictures package fully upgraded and on CD for them to have these options - making multiple copies in different online trading groupon and framing them accordingly.

A special offer was granted to them, as it was a promotional online trading groupon. Premier Photoshoot take a refundable deposit to make sure the client attend the makeover and photoshoot session as we book freelance make up artists, photographers, graphic designer and this is refunded at the end of the session or they can use the online trading groupon to buy further products if they wish to do so, in this case Shane and Rosalie Lim did.

It will be a total lie to say that they received two untouched A4 prints on regular printer paper when Premier Photoshoot never send them any prints. To note that they DID NOT opted to have two A4 printed photos and instead a fully upgraded digital version on CD of the 13 photos were duly issued to them and we have proof of this and their written signed agreement. Our staff never threatened Shane and Rosalie in regards to deleting of their photos.

They were told that we keep on our system only the photos which the customers bought and all the rest of the online trading groupon pictures are deleted. Premier Photoshoot keeps only the photos of what the customers purchased or frames and album ordered. We note that there are too much of lie reported by Shane and Rosalie and without verifying their complaint does much harm to our business when we are doing our level best to be away from complaints and give satisfaction to all of customers.

Since the watchdog the new management of Premier Photoshoot took serious actions to give a good service without misleading anyone and not to be under the impression of getting ALL services for FREE. Premier Photoshoot offers what is promised and option to buys more pictures or frames and album is there.

There is no obligation to buy more pictures, frames or album. We are a makeover and photoshoot studio business and we sell photos, frames and album to all willing customers without any pressure of any sort. Premier Photoshoot opted to go for online promotion marketing via Groupon and Groupon takes the full commission of any package sold and to feature our promotions. Premier Photoshoot have the chance of selling these products and services if the customer wishes to buy more than the two pictures of A4 that they get on Groupon deal.

But unfortunately we are now aware Groupon acted quite unprofessionally when a customer had addressed online trading groupon complaint to them directly, Groupon never informed us or inquired from us. We admit there was a problem in with Makeover London in regards to the FREE makeover promotions and we have stopped those promotions ever since then.

Hence we are doing our level best online trading groupon run the business in a properly manner and has therefore opted to have our promotions on Groupon who sells our makeover packages. Bringing the past into this matter may result in badly damaging further our business which may lead to shut down of business which would be very unfair.

BBC Watchdog has made it so hard for us to even trade properly for the last two years and now raising back the past issue of will only harm further our business. We hope you can take this into account before featuring us on BBC Watchdog. Note we have stopped all our deal with Groupon with immediate effect since we came to know of the problem. Premier Photoshoot and management apologize for the makeover packages that was sold in Groupon website which they fell mis-selling and is very online trading groupon about doing proper business and does everything online trading groupon that nothing comes to disrupt our efforts.

We hope that the online trading groupon would meet your due consideration before featuring us on Watchdog and to clarify things further if you so required. The safety of the people who buy our products is our number one priority. Counterfeit products are substandard, possibly harmful or dangerous and a form of consumer fraud. We work with retailers to ensure that only genuine products are offered for sale and that the supply chains are safe and secure.

If a deal looks too good to be true, then it probably is. You may also like. Similar programmes By genre: Online trading groupon Schedule TV Guide.

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In online trading you need to stay clear of stocks that are low now and do not have a potential to improve. Understanding that requires insight. Groupon has ditched its brick and mortar stores and now operates fully as an online marketplace. Its tour de force has been providing users with the best deals and coupons locally. This has made the company a leader in terms of local markets.

However, it really needs to get better in the broader retail categories. A failure in this has affected the company and sent the stock lower. It's been over a year since Rich William was appointed as Groupon CEO, under whom Groupon has focused more on international growth, marketing and an overall improvement in the shopping experience. This has brought about improved financial performance for the online retailer as traffic improved.

However, after last month's Q3 report, its surge halted a bit. However, the figures did not match the expectations of Estimize, the crowd-sourced platform. Much of this was blamed on the lethargic growth Groupon has beyond North America. Its global presence is pretty low. Free cash flow has also dropped to near-term lows. Most of these declines have come following its Q3 results.

This technical breakdown could result in uninterrupted declines all through the rest of The day moving average managed to recently cross the day MA with the day MA looking to be taken over as well. It has also launched the Groupon Go food delivery on-demand service in select cities. These moves could help lead to top-line growth, though it would not likely contribute to an overall improvement in financial performance.

For in-depth understanding of the market while trading stocks online , you need the right software. TradeZero offers user-friendly but advanced trading software plus many other features to encourage trading. Investors are advised not to rely on the information contained in this writing to make an informed investment or financial decision. TradeZero explicitly disclaims all liability for any action taken based on any information contained in this writing.