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These are good news for all our users. Enjoy the new charts and leave us your feedback here below in the comments section or send us an emailso we can improve the service and meet your needs as best as we can!

Here you have them our Forex Streaming Charts: Hi Jim, Thanks for your comments. We are going to report this issue to our IT team right away to make sure the update of our chart is constant and automatic.

Sorry for the incoveniences. Can you tell me what you dislike or what you miss from Netdania? Try saving some charts?? I am used to just clicking on a tab And Desired Charts are Ready!! Plus Online forex charts netdania is the realtime price?? Hi Keith, You are right about live realtime data and we will have it for sure asap. I hope it helps! Have tried to save charts several times and it Does not work!!

I am no expert but i dont think its my computer!! I have been using your Real-time Chart Station java version since without any problems at all, you have now gone and change it and I dont like it.

We will add those two pairs you ask asap. Please let us know what else you miss from Netdania, and see if there is a solution with these new charts. The new chart does not load and the screen keeps thinking forever. Is there any special settings or permissions required to run the new HTML5 based charts? Previous version had no issues. You do not need any special settings, no. Just make sure you use the latest version of your internet browser. We recommend you to use Chrome or Firefox, but Explorer works too — as long as you update online forex charts netdania to the newest version.

I hope it works! Was used to watch some 20 currencies on some 6 timeframes. How can I do it here? I do see it in the menu in the chart here in this article, but my menu is missing these. Hi Lukas, Thanks for your valuable feedback. Thanks and sorry for the inconveniences. Can you tell me what you miss or would need? Hi, Are these new charts live? Hi toussaint, Thanks for your feedback. We will be activating the real time feature asap. There also was a possibility to unpin the chart and and see the real time movement.

We will do our best to improve the online forex charts netdania based on all our users feedback. I think that might be what you are looking for. If you could explain what is the overlapping option exactly, I will pass it on to our IT team to study if that can be offered! Hi, what a sad day. It was simply wonderful to have the possibility to save lot of workspaces and have in each workspace two or three different time frames to be compared at glance.

I hope you can change this situation. Sorry for my english. Hi Fabio, We online forex charts netdania taking into account your comment, other users also said they would like to be able to have a workspace. Thanks for your feedback! OK, my first impression is that the painting of the graphics leaves a lot to be desired. The candles are quite ugly compared to the netdania ones.

The feel of the thing is completely different. Yes, I changed my browser simply because of the Netdania chart station, because it was that good. And now we have, sadly, a pale imimation of it.

However, I never paid for it, so, who am I to complain that something that I never paid for has been taken away from it. Hi Jason Thanks for your valuable feedback. We will see what we can do in terms of chart station options, as you are not the only user to ask for it. And as for the trendlines, you can use them in the Online forex charts netdania Streaming Forex Chart the vertical menu on the left of the chartbut not in the multiple charts page.

We will see if it can be added there too. Is there a trick to starting the streaming? This is NOT an improvement. Dear Rich We now haver real time live streaming. Thank you for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience. Hey Guys — can I add 2 currencies to the same chart? Can you pls help. Hi Azwa, Yes, you can. I hope it helps. Dear FXstreet, the fact you changed provider is not a good news at all as the new streaming charts do not work properly and are not updating in real time.

Furthermore I like opening the charts on a separate page and I cannot see how you can do it here. I also cannot move the chart from inside. This new charts are awful. Hope you will fix them soon!!!! Hi Riccardo We now have the data in real-time live streaming. As for opening the charts, you can try these two options: MOV1 peeriods more to b.

MOV2 more to c. Hi Chris Thanks for your message. Has anyone else notised this. When opening TeleTrader Chart Station it uses huge amount of online forex charts netdania. A lot more than Netdania which uses little over MB. Is there anything to do that, other than buy more memory online forex charts netdania new computer? After the software change my trading is zero. You can have a look at the other online forex charts netdania we offer on FXStreet as http: Any chance you could sort the correct time on the charts please??

Hi Keith Glad you are happy about the real-time streaming. If you are in the UK, you have to online forex charts netdania one hour. Hi Stephen, At the moment, we do not online forex charts netdania pivot points on these charts.

We take note of your request and will see with TeleTrader if they can be added. Thanks for your message! I used this page for the full screen view detach with easy tab switch.

I switched to another resource in the meantime. Like Ricardo above, I liked the full screen view of 4 graphs, not just one. Both features have been removed. Could these online forex charts netdania be restored? Hi Emmanuel Ok, I understand now. Thanks for your valuable feedback! Hello Maud, Any news on this?

I still use my alternative page, a second best compared to your former functionality. I am still interested by the full page view of 4 graphs, with tabs.

Our apologies again for the inconvenience. We hope this is something we can get again in the future, but honestly, there is no information that this will happen for the moment. But if you prefered Netdania, we still have some of their charts on this page: Your new multiple page for live charts that was started at or near Sept 1st is very poor and does not allow to save the page settings.

This is not user friendly. Why the changes and online forex charts netdania you revert to the previous view and format that was offered with Netdania?

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