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I have taken many courses from divergent traders, and you live futures trading room reviews the only consistent trader I have EVER found. And coming from a person who has been trading sincewhat I am saying should have considerable merit.

Again, thank you so much Rob for making my trading so much better now that I know the correct way to trade! I stick around each day, with or without trades, till you sign off because, frankly, there is no voice more important to the student than that of experience and no substitute for experience.

It seems in many traditional vocations these days there are far too few apprentices willing to patiently learn from the journeyman. Our current younger generation shows little willingness to ignore the tendency toward instant gratification — for an old fart like me, learning from live futures trading room reviews how best to retain my account dollars IS instant gratification. By the way, I have transferred some of your room sessions onto my IPod Shuffle so that I can listen while running.

Nothing wrong with addictions as long as they are healthy, right? Thank you for all that live futures trading room reviews do. The opportunity you offer is very generous. The most important thing any of us has is his time and you, and your wife and staff, spend a great deal of yours assisting others. At my house, we are extremely grateful for Rob Hoffman.

After spending a lot of money on training and the resulting losses I was ready to admit failure until I stumbled onto Rob. Rob not only has an in depth understanding of the markets and the uncanny ability to convey that understanding to the neophytes but also a strong sense of trader psychology which is the really most difficult part of trading. He communicates knowledge of the trades like the champion trader which he is alongside regular dishes of tough love of the former beat cop which he was.

Even more impressive is his workaholic devotion to students and that is even exceeded by his stellar integrity.

In the trading education world populated by burn and churn charlatans, Rob stands out for his knowledge, teaching skills, compassion, dedication and above all his honesty. I consider him not only a mentor and friend but one of the most influential persons I have known. Well after blowing my account up times I realized that your fees were cheap compared to blowing up accounts. I should have done as you said at first, put down the mouse and pick up the pen. This has been a life saver for my small account.

Last month was my best month in my live account so far. I tell everyone that I know who needs help to go to your room if they want to succeed. I have been studying trading through various education or mentor programs since most of my investment capital and savings were lost in the market crash.

Although pretty upset at the time, I realized that it was my own fault for entrusting the management of my finances to someone else. It took a few years of diligent market study, failures, and frustration to admit that I still was not making the progress I had hoped for or expected. I joined a few of his invite trading room events over a couple of months and knew, almost instantly, that this was the right place to be for me to learn.

Equipped with that knowledge, came higher confidence and self-esteem around trading, and diminished live futures trading room reviews and reluctance to execute. My life took an unexpected twist in live futures trading room reviews, as unforeseen events occurred, and I had to take a live futures trading room reviews from trading.

Live futures trading room reviews I did finally return this year, Rob, Sarah, and the growing BBT team greeted me like a returning lost family member. My practice account over the past few months reflects the recent successes and I am ready to go live again.

Your trading method got me started with higher probability trades, more conservative entries, an understanding of how to manage great trades for profit, and how to manage the risk in trades that start to fizzle DO NOT let winners become losers!

Nothing is more valuable than that. Your pre-trade setup discussion with risk analysis and post-trade thorough analysis win, lose, or draw provides a transparent learning environment that sets you apart from the competition. The trading room and newsletters provide both quality education for beginning traders and valuable analysis for seasoned professionals.

The three daily newsletters provide quality live futures trading room reviews education and timely, actionable market analysis. You are clearly the hardest working trading educator in the business. Be patient and wait for the right trade to come along. Stop clicking the mouse for trades when I am bored. Put stop loss to avoid blowing my account as I did many times in the past.

Admit that if a trade does not work out cut out the losses and stop it. Yes, admit that I was wrong even though my trade setup was correct. Listen to you because I learned something new from you every day even if you talk about the same subject or ideas. To put a trailing stop whenever I am up on trade and not to go negative on a trade. Not to live futures trading room reviews around news time and the first 15 minutes of the opening 8.

Know not to add in on each trade if live futures trading room reviews goes against me and blow my account. Lower the size when the trade is risky and has lower probability of success. You are not there to rip them of their money like others in this business. Again, Thanks a lot for your teaching and mentoring. In computing or database tuning, once you hit a performance threshold, you know X will happen and performance will degrade etc. In trading, you can have the most perfect setup and it could still fail or at the least may not work as expected.

As you know, I had a horrible start in trading. I spent tons with and lost tons as well. Sadly it was all wasted money as I pretty much learned nothing. When I came to your room I had zero confidence in anything I did regarding trades. I am doing so much better in your trading room where I both learn and make a small amount of money.

Rob has the profound ability to guide his live futures trading room reviews through live trading strategies by integrating multiple styles of learning in a sequential format. Once every student has grasped the concept, he further reinforces the learning process through repetition of live futures trading room reviews across various markets and multiple time frames. His calm approach and unselfish patience has created a harmonious atmosphere in his live trading room.

When I joined his trading room this year, I was just as welcome as his veteran traders. This powerful synergy dramatically strengthened my learning curve. I have learned to approach trading with a rules-based strategy, free from the grips of emotion. I have no intention of ever learning any other instructors trading methodology ever again.

Looking forward to taking my trading education to the next level with the mentoring at your house next month. Thanks again for all you have done for me. It has helped me a lot over the last year or so. In particular, I enjoyed your Trade Like a Professional video 6 from December 12, regarding trading with volume.

I have used this method with my equity trades for some time now but never understood the detailed rationale behind it. Your video explained this to me so that I know have a better understanding of the concept behind the trade. I like to use it with the futures especially where we have a large spike up with a quick spike down and in most cases the trend continues down, for example, at least for the near term.

I know this probably constitutes a counter trend trade, but I seem to have a good deal of success when it occurs and I spot it in time. Just being on time everyday means a lot to me, because it is something that seems to get forgotten a lot nowadays. Trading is difficult and I by no means consider that I have conquered it, but your help has certainly put a lot more faith in my abilities to manage it better. Again, sorry for taking so long to get back with you, but a big thank you to you and your staff for the supreme effort in getting everything done and also, most of all, for being AVAILABLE!!!

I think you are a quality person with great integrity. Characteristics that are sorely missing in so many of your competitors.

You really do give us a lot and for that I am very thankful. I now have my work cut out for me with all the material you have allowed me live futures trading room reviews too. Also a year subscription to the live Trading Room, I am overwhelmed, that live futures trading room reviews a very magnanimous gesture on your parts. I have been trading for 5 years and have been in 5 trading rooms.

None has come close to providing the learning experience as your room and none of the mentors in the trading rooms were consistently profitable as you, Rob Hoffman. You are the real deal! It is a real learning experience to see a professional trader in action. You have shown me what it takes to be a consistently profitable trader. Your discipline and analysis of the market each day has been a great learning experience.

Watching you trade every day showed me what it takes to become a consistently profitable trader. My account is finally growing and I look forward to a long relationship learning your discipline and trading methods. Thank you so much for your efforts and dedication helping traders like me become consistently profitable traders.

I have been a member of [Become A Better Trader] for about six months and it has been a very rewarding experience. I followed your YouTube videos for a full year before joining and the education since joining live futures trading room reviews been over the top. The hours a day and sometimes overnight live trading rooms have been like going through trading college. What I have learned the most is how not to lose money, and for most that is more live futures trading room reviews than any get rich quick scheme.

You treat all of your members like they are your only one and I have personally bent your ear over live futures trading room reviews phone as my trading psychologist. The indicator package you have been demonstrating live has been extraordinarily impressive. I have seen plenty of people make thousands on simulators, but watching real money add up in live futures trading room reviews thousands is a lot more fun.

It is the best live futures trading room reviews in terms of learning to trade that I have made without any doubt. I have learned so much inside the live trading room due to Robs enthusiastic method of teaching.

Inside the live trading room, it is a pleasure watching you trade live futures trading room reviews live account, watching a true professional trader go to work.

I know that providing I instil the teachings of Rob Hoffman into my trading I will become a successful Trader.

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By my last count April , there were futures trading web sites located in the US. Notwithstanding that 12 appear cadaveric and 7 others perhaps comatose, it presents an overwhelming number of choices to the newbie trader.

All of these sites sell programs, platforms, education, mentorships, strategies, indicators, etc. If you spent a week at each site, it would take you over 8 years to see them all; impractical for sure, impossible for most. Three years ago when I ventured into the US futures trading industry, I asked where and how might I start such process of comparative evaluation, review and selection.

You might profit from them as well. Review performance records first: When I first started to evaluate futures sites and trade rooms, I was perplexed at how vast majority of them did not have historical performance records of any type. I contacted theses sites by the hundreds I was given trite excuses why such records were absence:. However, beware that not all posted records are track records; for example:.

Ideal track records should state entry time and price, index, number of contract and gross profit note: Daily, weekly or monthly summaries are less desirable and video records are OK provided they are complete but just more labor intensive to review.

I also ask if there clusters of drawdown days or weeks. With these two basic assessments in place, a newbie trader has removed over rooms from consideration that have no performance record, 18 rooms with posted performance insufficient to achieve a reasonable living as a trader and the 19 more that do not have a heartbeat or a record; presto we are at [4].

Observe trading in real time: While a track record is of strategic importance, I absolutely need to see hear or read and understand, in real time, the exact entry, exit, target and stop for any trade.

As a trader, I insist on seeing any and all trades [3]. Futures rooms that teach trading but do not trade or trade but do not reveal their trades have chosen a model that is not in my best interests as a consumer. There can be a severe disconnect; consider that the three rooms that post the largest trade profits at night hide all their trades by day list available upon request. By observing and following trades in real time, I can discern discrepancies once such trades are later posted into the track record.

There are some indigenous maneuvers used by rooms to camouflage or obscure less than flattering trade outcomes. It behooves us as consumers to observe, detect and monitor such practices. If a room presents a consistent and positive trade performance, what does it matter what they trade? Nothing more effectively quenches fear and greed than a steady, reliable and sustainable historical track record coupled with the ability to authenticate and replicate trades in real time.

So mathematically speaking, I do not call if they trade sim, cash or bingo chips. All the above is puffery and not to be construed as truthful. Over the last 3. I have calibrated their performances in a comprehensive and mathematically sound format. Following these two doctrines will allow you to review and select futures rooms with greater precision and expectation.

This summary is the introductory article for a series of articles that examine and assess the very best trading rooms I have seen in the past 3 years. Stay tuned for the first article here at MarketClips. He has been an active futures trader for over three years and has the distinct honor of having been a guest trader in futures trading rooms to date. E-mail him at drdhandley yahoo. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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