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It very simple actually, you wait by your computer for about an hour or two each day, and when the conditions all match up, you simply make bank! Now I am not going to claim that I understand completely how the stock market works, I am simply just a smart guy that discovered a very profitable, and easy to use strategy that actually works! And trust me when I tell you this genius strategy works incredibly easily for Huge Profits! What I do understand about the stock market If everyone used the same trading strategy, the strategy simply would not work And if everyone used this same strategy, it simply would not work.

As long as people use thier crappy indicators, software, and thier crappy martingale strategies, my strategy will work just fine. And I am not worried if ten or twenty people use this strategy I am not worried if people use this strategy. I am not even worried if 1, people use this strategy, it will still work just fine But if 30, people or more start using this very same strategy, then I would start to worry, because of the volume or trades being made when my specific trading strategy conditions are met.

So sadly I have to limit the number of copies I sell, and price this product at a reasonable price. Also, I would encourage you not to share this product with anyone!

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