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The first Baptist Missionary Society mission in the West Indies was to Tobago and it was established by Richard Elliott in but was abandoned by on the grounds of the cost. A mission was also established in Trinidad in by Thomas Adam but this was also abandoned, partly as a result of expense and partly due to the hostility of the Governor.

The mission closed in George Sherman Cowen, former schoolmaster and pioneering Baptist missionary, arrived in Trinidad ca on behalf of the Lady Mico Charity. In , its funds had become depleted.

Cowen appealed to the London Baptist Missionary Society to appoint him as a missionary. He was initially unsuccessful but, one year later, the Society agreed to his request. Before taking up his post, Rev. Cowen had written that he was meeting privately with a few of our faith, who had come from America and welcomed a new mission. By June the same year, he wrote: A few members of the baptist churches from America, and one from Sierra Leone, have united with me in fellowship and formed the first Baptist church in Trinidad.

Cowen commenced work in in a small hired room in Corbeau Town, preaching there four times a week in, what is today, a western district of Port-of-Spain. This was a small village, which disappeared following reclamation work and the extension of Wrightson Road. It was here that he met the Gulf of Paria fishermen. On Sunday mornings, at 6 o'clock, Rev.

Cowen preached in the open air and reported that the people listened with some interest. Cowen also preached weekly to a small group about a mile away at Newtown. Cowen left to work for the remainder of his time in the Company Villages, a church of fifty-one members had been established, with out-stations around the town of Port-of-Spain. Soon, the Society sent out a second missionary, the Rev. Law reported that he had baptized three people and in the early years of his ministry, the church grew rapidly.

By the end of , four churches had been formed, numbering 76 members, increasing in to From a membership of 51 in , this increased by 66 new members to by and with the addition of the outstations of Corbeau Town, Garcia's Barracks, Dry River and Cocorite, in the Port-of-Spain suburbs, there were a total of members, The first chapel of the London Baptist Missionary Society in Port-of-Spain was situated near the Dry River.

Although the services were well attended, Rev. However, he was refreshed by a visit to Savanna Grande and the Company Village churches in the south of the country. The growth of the church continued at a slower pace but Rev.

Law was reinvigorated by the support he received from individuals like the young man believed to have escaped from slavery in America. When he arrived in Trinidad, this young man had been unable to read a word or know the letters of the alphabet.

However, in the Baptist schools, he had learned to read the Bible and started teaching a New Testament class in the Sunday school. The young man, though poor, when able, gave money to the church and by his example, encouraged others to come to church. A group of Protestant refugees from Madeira, who had fled from religious persecution in their homeland were welcomed both by the Church of Scotland and the Baptists, some of them staying with Rev.

Law in the Mission House as guests. Seven of the refugees were baptized and joined the Baptist church but by , a year after their arrival, most were formed into a separate congregation under William Hewitson, their minister in Madeira. A Historical Note Meanwhile Rev. Cowen was in the Savanna Grande district Princes Town , where he established various mission stations in the different villages of the Quarter. These villages had been settled by former enslaved African American soldiers, who had fought for the British Army during the war of - against the United States, and at the end of hostilities were brought to Trinidad by the Governor, Sir Ralph Woodford.

Cowen gave support to some of these independent Baptist congregations established among the African Americans in the Company villages in the south of Trinidad.

In the Rev. Gamble was sent out to Trinidad, and in , thirty years later, was still carrying on the work in Port-of-Spain. John's was enlarged considerably and virtually rebuilt.

Williams arrived in Trinidad in and working from San Fernando, he had eleven stations, under his care by A short while before, a small building for worship had been erected at Tortuga, Montserrat and another was on course for completion in the same year at Moruga. A contemporary writer noted that there had been encouraging reports of the new station at Princes' Town and stated that in this district during the previous ten years the Baptists had increased in number by nearly fifty per cent.

During this period, the Baptists, like the Presbyterians, declined Government aid and relied entirely upon the contributions of their members to support their mission.. The Baptists who settled in the north of Trinidad practiced the beliefs they brought with them from America with added African religious practice and beliefs. The Shouter Prohibition Ordinance, no. The Spiritual Baptists are particularly significant in Tobago. There were also a number of former slaves liberated by the British during the course of the war.

The Governor of Trinidad, Ralph James Woodford, wishing the remote parts of the country to be developed, arranged for the Americans to be settled in Trinidad, each head of family being granted 16 acres of land. These new arrivals were mainly Baptists bringing with them their faith and also their Baptist ministers.

Further reading on the above: Black freedom fighters of the War of