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Flashback to the Satyam incident. Do you think Ramalinga Raju or his close associates leading into the impending announcement, would have been holding onto their personal holdings in the company, knowing the negative impact that it would have on the stock price? ZITIR is an indicator which gives you a quick view on how insiders of a company are feeling based on our proprietary algorithm: Love playing poker, basketball, and guitar.

You guys are the best!!! Around the time when AAP is rocking in Delhi, you guys are doing the same for the retail trading community, Empowering!!! This message is a requirement in PI software. When you choose exponential average it always gives you close value of the period you choose. Could you update the software with these requirement. Gaurav, when you add the indicator, there is a dropdown to choose from OHLC. Check the 4th image here.

This is a requirement for money management. It would be good if I can allocate money separately for equity, derivatives, currencies and commodities. This will help traders like me who lack discipline. Hope you take this as a priority and save the lives of millions of retail investors!

Sorry, off topic here. We will keep you posted on insider option trading software for nse. Also i am unable to view price ladder and market depth. Market Depth or Snap Quote works very insider option trading software for nse — exactly like it should.

It shows you only the best 5 quotes and some other valuable information. It will not show you more than 5. Hi NIthin, I just opened kite on today morning, which being Saturday. It is mock trading day today. We will soon start posts on these. Nithin, Please give code for 1. Buy When LTP moves above 5 days high with heavy volume.

You can get your activation emails and then track any stock on the insider trading tool. Hananji, Is it possible in ZT to open multiple charts different time frame at same time?

I appreciate your response. The ideal way to do this would be to change the time frame on an open chart from 1 minute to 5 minutes and vice versa. This will make sure your data utilization is minimal and will optimize your system performance. Record in the https: Please correct the data. Is this data aggregated automatically or is this manual? Is predicting the nifty closing points depend on market sentiments or gestures or does it have a perfect insider option trading software for nse formula, thru which v can predict it accurately…pls explain.

If it has a prticular formula, what are the tools and chart, that will be helpful, in analyzing it………. How often inside trading data is updated. I suggest it should be updated at least once in 24 hours. For example insider trading data for ITC ltd as on 31 Jan 14 is updated only till 29 Dec 14 where as two announcements each has been made on 30 Jan and 31 Jan.

Also, following data available in Form D may be included for better appreciation of inside activity:. Incorporation of above suggestions would improve usability of this data and link for individul stocks can be given directly from q for stocks held in protfolio.

Anna, we sync this every night with the data available on the exchanges. The process is automated, and the format we get the data especially from BSE is not consistent. It becomes very tough to actually give the other metrics. But on that day it was market holiday. Then how is it possible? Hence the date shows as Cover orders will be available on the mobile platform very soon.

For now, you have to use Z5 to place cover orders using your mobile. Now i have downloaded the latest version released on 2nd july insider option trading software for nse The problem is that i insider option trading software for nse unable to see my current positions i nifty and banknifty.

Yeah, today is mock trading day on exchanges, so your real positions are not updated. Hi Team, I just want to bring to your notice that we insider option trading software for nse not able to see live nifty and sensex movement on homepage of Kite so we need to go for different website to see the same.

So it would be grateful to if you could upgrade this website so that we can see live nifty and sensex on homepage of kite.

Umesh, you can add Nifty index on the marketwatch itself. Search for Index in the marketwatch search box, u will see all index that can be added. You can even open charts for this. We will soon have sensex as well.

In that sense its difficult to provide these features on the retail trading platform. We call it bracket orders. Yes the tool is currently down. Exchanges have changed the format in which they share this data.

WE will look into this. Looking forward to getting this important data. Looking for some insider data about a specific stockis there any chances of restoring this feature, or is there any other option to get such information? Unfortunately exchanges are continuously changing the data format in which they release all the insider info.

Makes it insider option trading software for nse difficult for us to support, we will be turning this off soon. I would be thankful to you if you can add charting tools like pitchforkmodified pitchforkschiff pitchforkgann angle etc. It will be highly appreciative. Nitin, the Insider Tool is still not working…have you guys turned this tool off? If yes, will be very disappointed…. For now the tool is off. We will look at it again in a while. One comment indicates that you are not going to support this tool for good on account of continuous changes whereas this post hints at a possibility of this being re-looked in future.

Can you please clarify your stand? For now, the plan is to stop supporting this tool. It is painful when the input formats keep changing from the exchange. I have been trying this feature. Mahesh, the tool is currently down since exchanges changed the format in which the Insider data was provided. Sir I want to join u Bracket order is possible by mobile Android.

Could you pleaase provide the list of all insider option trading software for nse tolls, different websites or platforms or knowledge base available with Zerodha. As I was just going through these chats I came to know which I didnt know like Crowd, insider trading Tool, coding of strategies. Please provide the list of all facilities available with Zerodha account. If you provide colour assigning facility for Boring and Exciting that will be very useful for marking demand and supply zones.

Kite website not showing market depth like CMP, Bid and offer price, five best buyer and sellers in new updated version in office website. Popup for Stock price alert in mobile app and kite website 4. Bracket order facility in Kite website and mobile app. Brackets insider option trading software for nse available, check this: I am unable to download Pi in my laptop due to office restrictions.

Manas, exchange changed the format in which they were declaring the numbers. This tool is no more live. I insider option trading software for nse a zerodha client, my request to fix horizontal line and vertical line, both lines move as stock price move forward, so i suggest that pls fix this issue.

I am a zerodha client … i m long term trader. Am I missing on a tip? They give more information about stock. I am using Android app of zerodha. Everything about your trading platform is great, except, one thing, VTC order placement, I would really like to have this facility, since, I am from the trading community who cannot spend a lot of time in front of the PC or Mobile through the day, I have time from 8.

Request you all to please consider this and I am sure you will implement this shortly, this is my sincere request, which will really help for people like me. Keep up the great work you all are doing, hats off.

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