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Qantas will drop flights to Dubai and bring back a Singapore stopover for travel to London as it seeks to renew its alliance partnership agreement with Emirates for a further five years. Emirates will not codeshare on the Singapore-London and Perth-London services due to traffic rights restrictions.

Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce says the network changes were an evolution of the partnership with Emirates. The Qantas move to end flights to Dubai comes as consumer surveys have overwhelmingly indicated a preference for an Asian stopover rather than one through the Middle East en route to Europe. Of course, Qantas is also starting Perth-London Heathrow services in March, linking the continents Europe and Australia nonstop with regularly scheduled flights for the first time.

Last week a big management reshuffle. This week a major change in route structure! Has there been a coup in the senior ranks at Qantas? Something major must have happened to cause this dramatic chamge in policy! Looking at the Qantas promotionional video it seem they are returning to the pre dubai days of hubbing in Singapore.

Would expect to see: Whatever happens this decision is going to be very popular with passengers! I wonder if Qantas will bring back there Adelaide to Singapore flights we could do with the competition here. Less congestion at SIN.

How to trade options in singapore dubai think How to trade options in singapore dubai is the better option anyway. I like the drip feeding of information a new peice of the jigsaw every other day or so. I am sure the congestion in Dubai plus a good deal from Singapore Airport with so many flights now going there has meant good economies for being based how to trade options in singapore dubai. So no more s until Now we know where 1 of the released As will be deployed. About time Qantas realised how popular the Singapore route was.

Better late than never but was a wrong decision to have dumped it. Will be harder now to regain passengers from Singapore Airlines who still offer better frequencies, more routes and better cabin service. I always wondered why Qantas didnt have feeder flights from Brisbane and other major centres to connect with Heathrow services at Dubai to maximise the capacity on the London legs. These changes will At least give people from most capitals the chance to connect to London on QF hardware without backtracking to Sydney or Melbourne.

A good move I feel. My bet is that it will be CDG. Any predictions about future routing are just that and pure speculation…. This would be even more viable as Air Berlin is on the way out leaving passengers from AUH needing a direct route with a short taxi ride included.

The reality is many people are changing their flying habits. Instead of attempting to fly somewhere as quickly as possible and then spending 2 days to recover, a stopover for a couple of nights is becoming an attractive option and Singapore is the perfect stop to do just that. Qantas are really on the up and setting the pace again. Hope there is more to come.

Thank goodness dropping that dreadful 2 hour stop over in Dubai. SIN is a standout stopover over Dubai and it may even encourage more to take a real stop over at a place that offers so much more than glitzy shopping malls and sand! I must be the only one who loved the change to Dubai.

How to trade options in singapore dubai at Changi is an absolute uncontrolled rugby scrum, compared with the sophisticated reboarding process in Dubai. I will really miss the Dubai efficiency and am seriously cosidering changing my allegiance when flying SYD-LHR, which I have done 70 times in the last 5 years.

If so that would be very attractive to me, a Canberra resident, rather than backtracking to Sydney — even though I prefer Singapore as a stopover spot, just like everybody else. Maybe someone in Qantas has finally started listening! Now they need to take note that people want connecting flights from Adelaide Canberra Townsville Cairns and Darwin to Singapore.

Hope that person at Qantas reads all the social media feedback! Arkair what research have you done that shows there is sufficient demand for the services from Adelaide etc to Singapore? Comments on facebook is not research. I bet the Qantas techos are happy too … no more sand blasting of their engines!

Fair enough that how to trade options in singapore dubai am going off social media however Market researchers, business, governments and statisticians regard 1 letter or comment as representing the opinion of 5, people. There has been a strong campaign going on in South Australia,including from SA government, for Qantas to resume international services from How to trade options in singapore dubai. I work in the transport field and have some expertise in this area.

So where was the logic in stopping the Dubai service? Well, Perth has been duped once again! Not playing nice Alan! In regard to fleet allocation, having done some basic maths, the venerable ER equipment is actually cheaper to run than the A on a CPK basis per person carried. QANTAS, although alliances are good, must expand the core route structure, again to remain a top 10 international player.

Why is Tahiti not serviced anymore? I think that retaining 8 to 10 B airframes is essential as the A need substantial maintenance and the reliability has been problematic for an aircraft that has now been doing RPT for 8 years. SIN is a great airport but talk about back to the future. Not to mention everywhere else they fly.

Just like old times. Then there would truly be one-stop how to trade options in singapore dubai between every major Australian city and Europe. I agree with you Ben. I wish Qantas had a proper relationship with CX. While Singapore is great, my preferred stopover is always Hong Kong. CX is expanding into Europe which is great, but Finnair has you covered for all of the other European cities and you clear EU customs in Helsinki. A proper hub in Hong Kong has surely got to make more sense than even Singapore.

Peter Hannaford, you claim to have changed airline allegiances 70 times in the past 5 years?!! Perhaps you should start by looking in the mirror? Maybe YOU are the one airlines can never please?

I sincerely wish you well in finding your niche airline and soon. Travel well my friend. An A sat on the ground for 14 hours at Heathrow every day is not good utilisation. Of course, another oneworld partner that QF could team up with. A quality airline with an how to trade options in singapore dubai safety record as well.

The only oneworld airline they seem to be interested in working with though is AA. There would really be no reason for QF passengers to fly to DXB at all once the changes are in place, unless they wanted to go with EK all the way. Which nullifies the reason for a partnership in the first place. The only real winner out of that how to trade options in singapore dubai be EK.

CX is a quality airline and HKG is a first class hub. Finnair are a superb airline! Brilliant service with a beautiful and efficient hub! Helsinki itself is a stunning city and the flights from there into the rest of Europe are incredibly convenient. We now just hope that Qantas will finally put ADL on the international map again with direct flights to Singapore. Could this be the reason why Qantas has made this decision after previously turning its back on SE Asia.

I have not forgotten the reduced flights to SE Asia by Qantas how to trade options in singapore dubai recent years. Ben … Thanks for your very informative, intelligent analysis. CX are undeniably one of the top 5 airlines in the world at the moment, and that is a long-standing, hard-earned, well-deserved reputation like QANTAS used to haveso partnership with them should be a positive for QF. Mike, sorry, you have misinterpreted my comment. Perhaps my sentence structure was unclear.

My comment referred to the difference between Changi and Dubai when reboarding the arcraft. How to trade options in singapore dubai just how to trade options in singapore dubai ending aviation enthusiasm. Not to mention playing around with great circle mapper.

To illustrate my point though:. It might not seem like much on a marathon journey, However on average airspeeds can probably save well over half an hour on the total journey time for passengers. I know other factors like airport congestion, enroute weather etc, probably need to be taken into account as well. From an economical point of view though, I wonder how much less fuel you could save and cost saving you could get by going through HKG?

To use that aircraft is an insult to West Australians and will have converted a lot of travellers to SQ. Emirates and Qantas As at Dubai. Gerard Frawley Qantas will drop flights to Dubai and bring back a Singapore stopover for travel to London as it seeks to renew its alliance partnership agreement with Emirates for a further five years. Emirates and Qantas cabin crew at Dubai Airport. Qantas Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce says the network changes were an evolution of the partnership with Emirates.

Comments Last how to trade options in singapore dubai a big management reshuffle.

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