Trade ad exchange virus – How to remove (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge)

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MS Antivirus also known as Spyware Protect is a scareware rogue anti-virus which purports to remove virus infections found on a computer running Microsoft Windows. It attempts to scam the user into purchasing a "full version" how to remove trade exchange virus from windows phone the software. Many clones of MS Antivirus that include slight variations have been distributed throughout the web.

This name is used to confuse the user of the software into thinking that it is the legitimate AVG Antivirus before downloading it. Each variant has its own way of downloading and installing itself onto a computer.

MS Antivirus is made to look functional to fool a computer user into thinking that it is a real anti-virus system in order to convince the user to "purchase" it. In a typical installation, MS Antivirus runs a scan on the computer and gives a false spyware report claiming that the computer is infected with spyware.

Regardless of which button is clicked -- "Next" or "Cancel"—a download box will still pop up. This deceptive tactic is an attempt to scare the Internet user into clicking on the link or button to purchase MS Antivirus. If the user decides not to purchase the program, then they will constantly receive pop-ups stating that the program has found infections and that they should register it in order to fix them.

This type of behavior can cause a computer to operate more slowly than normal. MS Antivirus will also occasionally display fake pop-up alerts on an infected computer. These alerts pretend to be a detection of an attack on that computer and the alert prompts the user to activate, or purchase, the software in order to stop the attack. More seriously it can paste a fake picture of a Blue Screen of Death over the screen and then display a fake startup image telling the user to buy the software.

The malware may also block certain Windows programs that allow the user to modify or remove it. Programs such as Regedit can be blocked by this malware. The registry is also modified so the software runs at system startup. The following files may be downloaded to an infected computer: Depending on the variant, the files have different names and therefore can appear or be labeled differently.

For example, Antivirus has the. In addition, in an attempt to make the how to remove trade exchange virus from windows phone seem legitimate, MS Antivirus how to remove trade exchange virus from windows phone give the computer symptoms of the "viruses" that it claims are on the computer. Most variants of this malware will not be overtly harmful, as they usually will not steal a user's information as spyware nor critically harm a system. However, the software will act to inconvenience the user by frequently displaying popups that prompt the user to pay to register the software in order to remove non-existent viruses.

Some variants are more harmful; they display popups whenever the user tries to start an application or even tries to navigate the hard drive, especially after the computer is restarted.

It does this by modifying the Windows registry. This can clog the screen with repeated pop-ups, potentially making the computer virtually unusable. It can also disable real antivirus programs to protect itself from removal.

Whichever variant infects a computer, MS Antivirus always uses system resources when running, potentially making an infected computer run more slowly than before. The malware how to remove trade exchange virus from windows phone also block access to known spyware removal sites and in some instances, searching for "antivirus " or similar search terms on a search engine will result in a blank page or an error page.

Some variants will also redirect the user from the actual Google search page to a false Google search page with a link to the virus' page that states that the user has a virus and should get Antivirus In some rare cases, with the newest version of the malware, it can prevent the user from performing a system restore.

In Novemberit was reported that a hacker known as NeoN hacked the Bakasoftware's database, and posted the earnings of the company received from XP Antivirus. On December 2, the U. The court also froze how to remove trade exchange virus from windows phone assets of the companies in an effort to provide some monetary reimbursement to affected victims. The FTC claims the companies established an elaborate ruse that duped Internet advertising networks and popular Web sites into carrying their advertisements.

According to the FTC complaint, the companies charged in the case operated using a variety of aliases and maintained offices in the countries of Belize and Ukraine Kiev. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards. The specific problem is: Program is malware and not a computer virus Please help improve this article if you can. August Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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