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How to Protect Your Trademark. This webpage that deals with Jewelry Trademark is provided to you by the Patents and Trademarks Site http: The said trade marks have been popular gold trademark the field of jewellery, precious and semi precious stones together with astrological consultancy services. Apart from the registered place of business at Ramakrishna Samadhi Road, Kolkata, the applicant also has branches in other places of Kolkata.

The applicant is engaged in trading and marketing of all types of jewellery made of gold trademark, silver and other precious metals.

The said trade marks were registered and some gold trademark the applications for registrations in different languages are pending. The applicant is using the gold trademark marks continuously since and their turnover for the year was Rs.

Similarly the advertisement expenses of the applicant which was Rs. Due to the long use of the mark, the public associates the same exclusively with the applicant. In addition the website http: Those desiring gold trademark training can also register with the website. You may want to know more about a place where you can study Trademark cases. If so Please visit http: Please keep visiting us to know more about the latest updates in law on Jewelry trademark.

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Trademarks and service marks act as source identifiers: But trademarks are not only words, like. Color can also function as a source identifier. For example, pink is a distinctive feature of Owens-Corning fiberglass insulation. Green is a consistent color associated with John Deere machinery. Not all colors qualify for trademark protection, however. A color, in order for it to function as an effective and registrable trademark, must meet two tests.

First, it must have acquired secondary meaning associating the specific color with the goods or services of a particular source. Second, the color must not be functional in the operation of the goods or services. The role of color as a trademark has not always been as clear cut as it is now. Before Qualitex, Federal courts had disagreed whether color alone could be accorded protection.

Qualitex involved a unique shade of green-gold that Qualitex Co. After a competitor began selling competing products using the same shade of green-gold, Qualitex sued for trademark infringement, having registered the color for dry cleaning pads with the U. The Court then established the requirements for according trademark protection to color alone.

As with any mark, a color mark must first and foremost be capable of identifying and distinguishing goods from those manufactured or sold by others. It must be capable of indicating the source of those goods, even if the source is unknown. As a second requirement, the Court allowed protection of color marks only for those that—like all trademarks—are not functional. Trademark Office to review applications for trademark registration, starts with the notion that color marks are never inherently distinctive, always requiring a showing of acquired distinctiveness to be registered on the Principal Register.

The TMEP also demands that a color mark be non-functional. There are, however, additional requirements unique to the application and examination process.

The PTO also requires that an application for a color mark include a separate statement describing where the color appears and how it is used on the mark. These rules are applied rigorously. In Re Thrifty Inc. So, when considering whether a color may potentially be protectable, it is important to keep the following questions in mind:. For more information about this or any trademark or IP issues, please contact Fred Frawley afrawley eatonpeabody.

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