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Ever since I opened a trading account I have been getting a lot of spammy messages such as these, is there any way to stop or report them? In the case of you receiving such messages, best report the number to TRAI and the exchanges.

The exchange has also taken interest in fixing the problem of these unsolicited messages and has provisioned reporting them here. Have seen this happening when people have used accounts with other brokers as well. You can use one of the excuses as in the screenshot. I am also getting such ridiculous messages. But unfortunately, there is no number for sender. Any idea how to resolve this?

Very helpful if anyone tells how to stop these unsolicited messages. I have an old demat with HDFC n used to receive some research messages from them which is genuine. Later some research team registered with similar name HFDC n started sending tips. If getting calls and sms are not enough I m automatically getting added to various investment WhatsApp groups. Actually i think i know from where they are coming from. I have searched about it few months back and that time i found that these messages senders have found my link from money control account id.

Hi, None of the brokerages officially give out your number to third parties, and they should not according to regulations…. There will not be any proof, from where they get these numbers, they simply say that they get the mobile numbers and e-mail IDs from the data.

Follow the below link for more info. You can also report these SMS in your network operator website, say for airtel, below link is the one to report. Even i am getting such messages, not only on my mobile, but on every mobile number of my family members too.

Also lately i was added on such whatsapp groups for investment. This is happening only since 15 days. DOnt know whats happening. When I forced them to tell me how they got my number, they told they got it from moneycontrol. It happened on different days and all of them said the same. Dudehow are you so sure they tell will the truth.

I my self never registered on any stock broking website or newspaper site but still get these messages since after i registered on zerodha.

I have been trading with HDFC securities past 3 years but never got any SMS but why suddenly it started only after registering after zerodha. I feel foulplay by zerodha management here. I have equity trading account with zerodha since many years. I recently activated my commodity account with zerodha. Check the permissions of moneycontrol android app in a mobile.

Why do they need permission to Contacts? You register in moneycontrol. I kept following the below SPAM Reporting mandate for 3 weeks continuously and it has stopped finally. Wanted to know if Zerodha shares customer details with third party investment agencies or operators?

I am getting a lot of unsolicited stocks tips SMS messages ever since I opened a trading account, how do I stop these? Few of my office colleagues who also use Zerodha also get these SMS. I love Zerodha otherwise. Just needed a clarification.

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