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I am an experienced BBC trained producer and I can create a professional, studio-recorded Audiobook from your novel; or convert your non-fiction e-books or free forex audiobook manuals into engaging and valuable audio versions! Maybe you have written a series of existing e-books free forex audiobook you sell as Kindle books or via pdf file- but if there are AUDIO versions available as well free forex audiobook by a professional voiceover in a broadcast studio, your assets are worth far more to sell on.

You may also want to burn the files onto a set of retro CDs and create attractive packaging so you can charge more for the extra perceived value of the physical media. Sometimes things written down come over very differently when read; you have to look out of these and adapt the ebb and flow of the pace of your voice to ensure the full meanings come across. Plus the timings between sentences is important as well; using dramatic pauses correctly in reading novels, especially where there are different characters speaking.

How many sections has your script? Do these need to be in different files, or different CD tracks? If not, send me your own mp3 recordings of the pronunciation. What technical format do you require the mastered file s in? No surprise invoices when you sell a million! For example, for a factual book, should I sound like the author, as if it were my own words, sounding natural and ad-libbing, or should it sound like a narrator reading a script? For a story or novel, do you want every character to have a different type of voice or accent?

If so identify what you would like these to be. To get inspiration, there are some excerpts below, or listen to any other audiobook you like and send me links free forex audiobook them.

If you need more convincing about what a great idea it is to convert your e-books into audio books, read on! Have you ever been on a long free forex audiobook journey on your own? Then, you think of those intriguing e-books you bought some weeks ago. You downloaded them to your memory stick, hoping to read them in a break time at work. Like you ever get a decent break at work, right? Then you killed a tree and printed the whole e-book off on pages, but you forgot to take it with you on your road trip.

Not of course that you could read while you drive, anyway. If only you had bought the downloadable mp3 or audio CD version of the e-books! But hang on a minute. Admit it, these days everyone is incredibly busy. We have to make media more accessible. An audio version of your e-book, read by a professional voice artist, neatly edited with audio optimised by compression and EQ, and encoded as an mp3 or on a physical Audio CD, actually has a far HIGHER perceived value than a mere pdf text file.

Yes, the same material could make you even more money as an e-book publisher or internet marketer. So why not go back to your collection of e-books out there for sale on your own sites or on sale in the Amazon Free forex audiobook Shop and think how they could be enjoyed by the poor souls enduring a very long, desperately elongated journey.

Next, market your Audio Book; sell it on itunes or on the Free forex audiobook Audible site; there are many, many others, and make money. This page is having a slideshow free forex audiobook uses Javascript. Your browser either doesn't support Javascript or you have it turned off. To see this page as it is meant to appear please use a Javascript enabled browser.

Professional audiobook studio production. Let me record your novel or your factual e-books or training manuals. I can provide audio versions ready for downloading on Amazon, Audible or any other platform I am an experienced BBC trained producer and I can create a professional, studio-recorded Audiobook from your novel; or convert your non-fiction e-books or training manuals into engaging and valuable audio versions!

About 45, words Generous reductions are available for audio books that are over 5 hours in duration. The benefits of asking me to voice your audio books: What I also need to know; For example, for a factual book, should I sound like the author, as if it were my own words, sounding natural and ad-libbing, or should it sound like a narrator reading free forex audiobook script?

Here is a list of some of the audiobooks I have recorded recently: Peter Baker Voiceover Reviews. Peter was fantastic to work with and a great flexible voice. Professional, accommodating, and super talented! Peter was professional and easy to work with. It was a seamless process and the voiceover was top quality! I gave him one round of revision notes and he changed free forex audiobook perfectly - he understands how to really make something sound great.

Great free forex audiobook work, free forex audiobook response, studio quality. The result was exactly what we needed. I have been through so many voice actors that I was about to give up. Now I have free forex audiobook up looking, because I found Peter Baker. Now I understand why Peter is already getting a lot of attention from the creative community.

Simply because he is the best for the best rates. Mr Baker met my expectations and exceeded them! Definitely hope to work together again soon. Submitted a script in the night and got the perfect voice over by morning. I will include him in future projects. Peter was really wonderful, I can't imagine how much he is fast and perfect, I highly recommend you to chose his service. Just hiring him for the next job since my client loved his free forex audiobook so much! Peter sent me my first recording in under an hour, I couldn't believe it.

I requested a minor change and he had another recording back to me almost free forex audiobook once. We got the draft voiceover the very same day we ordered the job, and completed it on day 2. He listened well to our instructions and delivered quality work.

I Will work with him again and again! Peter delivered quickly and was fast at responding to requested changes, even to mistakes in free forex audiobook script.

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