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Thursday, forex millionaires in nigeria April at Why would you spend 30k, I mean good 30 Thousand Naira on something you can learn online for free? That's the problem I have with Nigerians. Still regretting why I learn it, and have never trade before. Though i still have the manual Lol Anyways, my advice to you is that; don't be fooled by whoever told you you'll become a million within a month trading forex with little capital.

See FOREX as a real life business whereby you rent an outlet and sell goods or render services because in the real sense, FX is not a get rich quick scheme, it's not easy and it's real. Don't get discouraged by those greedy fellows who wants to become millionaire overnight by trading higher lot sizes.

If you are still interested in forex and wish to learn more about FOREX the right way and this time around forex millionaires in nigeria free then I suggest you visit http: Anyways, my advice to you is that; don't be fooled by whoever told you you'll become a million within a month trading forex with little capital. Forex ke, even if I have free money to spend I won't even think of using it to trade forex I would have been a millionaire now if I had been saving up all the money I wasted in forex trading.

Many people don't appreciate the truth but the truth is forex trading psychology goes against how the human mind is wired. You keep losing instead of quitting, you keep blaming yourself, your system etc Nigerian ecurrency exchangers are the ones making it as they don't care to know Do you blame them what people patronising them do with the eccurency.

I see people newbies saying they want to learn forex asking how much they will make. Forex millionaires in nigeria as for me I've long moved on. Forex is addictive, it took me years to finally say Goodbye to forex. Learn from me and face other offline businesses where you see your money or lose thousands to come to my conclusion, your choice. We saw a post how a couple made it through frying akara.

Many youths will overlook it preferring forex, binary options, betting etc A word is enough for the wise! Once you trade like a pro and not forex millionaires in nigeria a gambler u make money. So sha bye and good luck to you. The best chart to put into focus is the AUDUSD daily chart above, which is holding at support and dropping some bullish price action cues there. We did have a bullish rejection candle with a bullish close, followed by a double inside day set which price did breakout, then reverse back up into a breakout trap.

If price breaks the high's of this group of candles, we may see a move back to the resistance marked above. No be by force. No be by force Who be this one now? I only take calculated risk Bro It's not about being negative. I have been in the fx business for about 5years now and yes i make a living training people mostly from outside the country through skype and i also provide signals to people who are ready to do business not gamble.

Like every other business, forex is not different but it is teh orientation that is the problem. Another crazy factor is trading currencies manually.

In summary, any trader who forex millionaires in nigeria not ready to take it slow and take fx trading like regular business should forex millionaires in nigeria venture into it. Your profit is proportional directly with your invested capital. This is my honest opinion about the matter. Forex Trading is Profitable.

That is why we have more successful Brokers, Software sellers etc than profitable traders. U failed because h didn't get the right guidance. Before u agree to pay someone forex millionaires in nigeria teach u, first look at him, his wrist watch, his clothes, he's car, etc A wealthy Forex trader can easily be spotted.

Visit the forex millionaires in nigeria below. You might be interested in what we offer. Funds in a secured licensed and regulated financial firm http:

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