Principles of Investment

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International Bus and Economics Course Coordinator s: The current Econ This will improve critical thinking and employability of the graduate interested in commercial banking, investment, banking, private equity and hedge fund careers. The course will build up on what the students have learnt from the new compulsory course: Banking and Finance in a Global Context focusing on investing in Stocks, commodities, bonds and expand their knowledge of options and futures and high frequency trading.

This course intends to provide the students of BSc Hons economics with banking the necessary knowledge in principles of investment by covering the investment environment: Asset classes and marketable financial securities, risk and returnsrisk tolerance and capital allocation to risky assets, portfolio theory and international diversification, capital asset pricing modelarbitrage pricing theoryfuture markets, Hedging and speculationoptions term structure of interest ratesfixed income analysissecurity analysisequity valuation models and portfolio performance evaluationfundamental features of bond markets, techniques for pricing bonds, portfolio strategies in the bond marketdesign and implementation of structured products, securitization of assets, quantitative models and industry standard tools to evaluate the risk of bond market portfolios, U.

Treasury securities, Bond pricing and yields, Yield equity options valuation trading and practical strategies for critical thinking, Yield curve analysis and estimation, Corporate Bonds, Credit ratings.

Credit risk analysis, Investment grade bonds, High Yield bonds, Eurobond market, Structured notes, indexed bonds and bonds with equity options valuation trading and practical strategies for critical thinking options, Structured notes, indexed bonds and bonds with embedded options, Bonds with embedded options: Bond futures, Interest rate futures, options, swaps and bond portfolio management applications.

At the end of this course students will be able to: Liquidity needs with short term investments: For this course, there are two hours of lectures and one hour of tutorial per week. Lectures will be devoted to development of the relevant models and discussion of economic and financial applications. Regular tutorials mainly in the lab will be focused on presenting and reviewing course materials, problem solving and using statistical software applications.

In tutorials, everyone is expected to take part in the discussions. The integrated patchwork is a series of tasks and activities built around a theme to be developed by integrating different perspective and approaches.

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Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. Description Equity Options is one of the first books to analyse the subject of Equity Exchange Traded Options from the market users perspective. The result is a practical reference of considerable value to both experienced traders, investors, and those with a new interest in the traded options market. The principles of option valuation that are discussed are applicable to all market users.

The trading techniques covered are developed from the assumption that the aim of the option market user is to out-perform non-marked suers, by establishing a better risk profile given an equal cash allocation. This performance is achieved by active trade and exposure management. It requires the effective monitoring of positions and the exposure that they provide, relative to the benchmark objective.

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