Die besten Aktiendepots 2017 im Broker Vergleich

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Breaking the mold, rethinking trading. How could the "trading of tomorrow" look like? Don't dip into the past regarding trading experiences. Create something different that delights traders of tomorrow. Comdirect trader konto you like to rethink Trading with us? Our challenge As Germany's leading broker we constantly work hard to comdirect trader konto customer experience for our comdirect trader konto. This is why we are eager to see if you are accepting the following challenge: Rethought Breaking the mold, rethinking trading.

Done differently Don't dip into the past regarding trading experiences. Easy UX Simplicity is king! How could trading be done easy? Our API, that we consciously built downgraded, enables you to enter trading with comdirect trader konto apps easily.

From stock orders to portfolios to accounts — on our API playground you can give your creativity free rein and redefine trading with us. For the bankathon we wanted to provide a very easy access without barriers like authentication or security. You just have to create your API key and you are ready to go. With this key you can comdirect trader konto yourself with our data model within the API browser, create further test data, manipulate and so on.

Win a ticket for comdirect Start-up Garage! If there is an idea emerging during 2nd Bankathon that we don't want to withhold from our customers, we will offer a ticket for our comdirect Start-up Garage to the team.

In our funding program, that will at least last for three months, you get the chance to extend your idea to a marketable MVP. We will support you comprehensively and ensure to keep you free of any obligations! Contact us Do you have any further questions? Send a mail to us:

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