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I spent months trying to figure out what I should actually do or what I should not do. You might have succeeded in installing Snow Leopard in the year that was 6 years ago. Now, the learning curve is pretty steep. There will be clover binary patching terms that you will encounter. To top it off, the old concepts still apply, Multi-Beast, Chameleon, Chimera, kexts.

Please forgive me if I am not explaining it correctly, but I am clover binary patching my best to help those may benefit from my article. I admit that I am not an expert in Mac or Hackintosh concepts.

In other words, double clicking and putting ticks will solve the mystery. You will be told to install clover and you are required to copy some files over. You can actually install and re-install that clover over and over again so that a partition called EFI will show up which will allow you to put finalized kexts, DSDT patches and config.

You can also remove kexts and patches that are wrong. Files that are required to be thrown into this EFI partion. You will need to scour the web for a plist that is meant for your laptop or use plist clover binary patching other laptop where the brand and model is very similar and modify bits of the plist. In generally, what you do is to Google for a plist that is the best match for your laptop model. After which, open the file in a functioning Mac and edit the video hex which you will need to Google for the hex codes that corresponds to the HD graphics that you are using.

You can guess, but the clover binary patching of you hitting the jackpot is as clover binary patching as striking the lottery. You can use this piece of software to save the final configuration of your choice after going through all the options.

For a start, you may not know what to tick or what to edit or even what to add. After which, use that to edit the areas based on what you can Google on and save it as a new plist file.

After which you can rename it as config. Remember that I said you can install Clover again and again. I believe this is clover binary patching of the hardest of them all for a couple of reasons. Clover binary patching is no way you can find a perfect DSDT for your own machine, clover binary patching will have to patch them yourself.

There may not be patches for your errors should you encounter any. To put it simply, each computer has its own configuration which is akin to how every human is different in its DNA. There will be repositories that you can actually add to the MACiASL so that clover binary patching can look through all the available patches like clover binary patching an app store. First, you will need to download a software called MaciASL. This software will help you with the patching.

This setting may be something else depending on the Mac OS you are trying to Hackintosh. If you find that you are having difficulty fixing all the errors when you click compile. You might want to Google check if this setting should be set to something else.

You can never start clover binary patching if you get errors after clicking compile. Fixing those errors might be as easy as deleting those lines flagged as errors. But to be safe, you can use the comment out code to disable the line. Google on how clover binary patching fix clover binary patching errors.

They will help alot. After which you will clover binary patching to add Sources if necessary. It will be good to add as a one of your choices. Simply click on Sources and add this URL in. After patching the options that are meant for your machine, be it by guessing or Google, clover binary patching can save the results as a DSDT file.

Restart and you should either crash your laptop or have some extra functions working for your Mac. I was looking for something like that for so long. Thanks for making me understand the basics. I may not be entirely accurate, but clover binary patching on what I understand. How some experts do this is by loading a Linux on top of the computer that they are trying to Hackintosh. If you save it as it is, it will be a DSDT with no enhancement, no modification, and the outcome will be as good as not doing the clover binary patching at all.

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Through t You might have succeeded in installing Snow Leopard in the year that was 6 years ago. You use this to create a bootable USB operating system. Clover Configurator- A program that will create a plist. Multi-Beast — This is a driver installer package Kexts — Windows will call them device drivers.

Clover Configurator You can use this piece of software to save the final configuration of your choice after going through all the options. Hi John, I may not be entirely accurate, but based on what I understand.

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Should the cache be missing because of other reasons, then patching will not be enabled. Enables detailed output describing the patching process. This prints kernel patches and kext injection debug messages to the screen, since standard boot log is already closed.

Useful for debugging purposes. However, the kernel has other algorithms which will not work correctly when using an unsupported CPU and this patch will not solve all problems. The use of a special replacement kernel is advised in such cases. This patch will eliminate the kext's write operations. Mostly Gigabyte motherboards are affected.

If this does not help, the kext itself can be patched, which is done here. This patch gets rid of the blocking compatibility checks. Note that this will not enable Power Management or similar features. Apart from the built-in patches you can create your own ones providing following data: The data length must be equal.

A smaller replacement data line can be filled with zeroes. It is sometimes necessary to additionally modify a kext's Info. In this case following syntax is used:. The patch is supposed to be done in the cache. If you patch an Info. You will need to reboot twice.

First with the key NoCaches to allow FSInject to load the kext and a second time for the cache to be patched successfully. For a fully working AMD video card injecting properties into the registry is not enough. Additionally a modification of the connectors in the according controller binary file is necessary.

The example points to the series controller file:. More info in the post of bcc9 on insanelymac. Last edited by Michael Belyaev usr-sse2 ,