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I failed to realize how big Twitter was going to become in the next decade, and, more importantly, what people would be using it for. In the summer ofI decided it was time to do something to try to annoy my photography followers a bit less. I typed, fingers-a-trembling, the four characters of my business broker trademark username and password into the Twitter search box, and my heart sank.

It had also never tweeted a single tweet. There was no response. My new Twitter handle now in reach, I emailed him and waited a couple of weeks. I emailed him again. Which was making business broker trademark username and password nervous, too: The chap never replied; after several months, I gave up.

My Bond-villainesque plan was that I could just ask one of them to sort me out. Excellent; what could possibly go wrong? I do remember Twitter being a bit more lenient with their handles back in the early days I did successfully procure a couple of Twitter handles for various uses just by askingbut with the company growing and there being a stricter set of rules, things eventually changed.

I had failed yet again, and was no closer to my Twitter handle. Okay, time to try something else. Note that we business broker trademark username and password not release squatted usernames except in cases of trademark infringement.

Twitter's user guide Having run a business for a while, you eventually learn that trademarks are a necessary evil. No expenses spared in the production of this article. This is my business card. About a week later, I received an business broker trademark username and password saying that I could either create a new account or move the username to an existing account.

Holy actual bingo jackpot home-run slam-dunk, Batman. I figured I would get a good story out of the attempt, but actually succeeding? What the hell is wrong with this guy? In fact, I had business cards made in the exact correct shade of Twitter Blue, containing only my Twitter handle. And yet… Can you think of any other way of handing over your contact details, a short biography and context about who you are, all in five characters?

You know where to find me. Such as, say, my first name. With apologies to Lloyd.

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