Wilfried Winiwarter

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Wilfried Winiwarter is a chemical engineer by training. Following post-doctoral research in the Boltenstern trading options. On a term-of-leave, Dr. For almost 10 years he maintained an affiliation with his old institute. Inhe accepted the position of a Professor of Systems Sciences at the University of Graz part-time, limited period contract Originally an atmospheric scientist and specialist in assessing the release of trace compounds into the atmosphere, his expertise was called upon to quantify current and potential future emissions of climate relevant greenhouse gases, specifically nitrous oxide in the GAINS model.

The interaction between physical and social systems and their respective interferences now also serves as a major focus of his work. Abatement Options and Emission Interactions. Journal of Environmental Quality 47 1: Technical opportunities to reduce global anthropogenic emissions of nitrous oxide.

Environmental Research Letters 13 1: Objectives, Simulation Protocol and Expected Products. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society: Mitigating ammonia emission from agriculture reduces PM2. Science of boltenstern trading options Total Environment Evaluating the potential of dietary crude protein manipulation in reducing ammonia emissions from cattle and pig manure: Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems: Managing a forgotten greenhouse gas under existing U.

Tackling the nitrogen management challenge: Environmental Research Letters 11 boltenstern trading options Greenhouse gas scenarios for Austria: Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change 21 8: Non-CO2 greenhouse gas emissions in the EU from to Adapting feeding methods for less nitrogen pollution from pig and dairy cattle farming: Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems 2: From farm to fork - a life cycle boltenstern trading options of fresh Austrian pork.

Journal of Cleaner Production N2O Release from agro-biofuel production negates boltenstern trading options warming reduction by replacing fossil fuels. Temporal changes of inorganic ion deposition in the seasonal snow cover for the Austrian Alps — Scenarios of livestock - related greenhouse gas emissions in Austria.

Journal of Integrative Environmental Sciences 12 S1: The contribution of non-CO2 greenhouse gas mitigation to achieving long-term temperature goals. Integrated boltenstern trading options for robust emission trading under uncertainties: Technological Forecasting and Social Change Nitrogen pollution in the EU: Best management strategies, regulations, and science needs.

Analyzing consumer-related nitrogen flows: A case study on food and material use in Austria. Resources, Conservation and Recycling Reducing nitrous oxide emissions from agriculture: Uncertainty, cost-effectiveness and environmental boltenstern trading options of robust carbon trading: Uncertainties in Greenhouse Gas Inventories.

Adjusted historic emission data, projections, and optimized emission reduction targets for - a comparison with COM data Adjusted historic emission data, projections, and optimized emission reduction targets boltenstern trading options a comparison with COM data Results boltenstern trading options Member States.

Nitrogen - a crucial element in a complex world. Estimating costs and potential for reduction of ammonia emissions from agriculture in the GAINS model. The nitrogen footprint of food products and general consumption patterns in Austria. Food Policy 49 Part 1: Past, present and future. Environmental Research Letters 9 A European perspective of innovations towards mitigation of nitrogen-related boltenstern trading options gases. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability Updates to the GAINS model databases after the bilateral consultations with national experts in Austrian Academy of Sciences Press.

Summary for Policymakers SPM. Volume 1 Chapter 2: Emissions and concentrations of radiatively active atmospheric trace constituents. Climatic Change 3: Land use and land use change in agricultural life cycle assessments and carbon footprints - the case for regionally specific land use change versus other methods. Farming for a Better Climate FarmClim. Design of an inter- and transdisciplinary research project aiming to address the "science-policy gap".

Nitrogen management, taking into account of the whole nitrogen cycle. Options for Ammonia Mitigation: Green economy thinking and the control of nitrous oxide emissions.

Publications Office of boltenstern trading options European Union: Non-CO2 greenhouse gas emissions, mitigation potentials and costs in the EU from to Estimating environmentally relevant fixed nitrogen demand in the 21st century.

Climatic Change 4: Policy Scenarios for the revision of the thematic strategy on air pollution. Health and environmental impacts. EU low carbon roadmap Potentials and costs for mitigation of non-CO2 greenhouse gas boltenstern trading options. Energy Strategy Reviews 1 2: Sectoral marginal abatement cost curves: Implications for mitigation pledges and air pollution co-benefits for Annex I countries.

Sustainability Science 7 2: Emissions from boltenstern trading options and their control potentials. The role of N2O derived from crop-based biofuels, and from agriculture in general, in Earth's climate. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences Implications of population growth and urbanization on agricultural risks in China.

Population and Environment 33 2: Sustainable agriculture in China: Estimation and reduction of nitrogen impacts. Managing Safety of Heterogeneous Boltenstern trading options. Cost-effective and environmentally safe GHG emissions trading and abatement under uncertainties.

Developing multi-purpose boltenstern trading options nitrogen projections. Cost-effective control of air quality and greenhouse gases in Europe: Modeling and policy applications. Developing spatially stratified N2O emission factors for Europe. Environmental Pollution Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 3 5: The European nitrogen cycle: Commentary on Schulze et al.

Global Change Biology 17 8: Benefits of dealing with uncertainty in greenhouse gas inventories: Lessons to be learned from uncertainty treatment: Conclusions regarding greenhouse gas inventories.

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