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Show under each result: Max items per page. Tested under Win32 with VLC 1. Turning of -O3 by adding attribute optimize "O2" binutils-i686-linux-gnu 230-5 binary to the mentioned function will produce valid video pictures again.

The file association dialog in QT4 preferences doesn't do what is should do. Associations can be added and removed via the dialog, but changes aren't updated to right place in registry, since nothing changes binutils-i686-linux-gnu 230-5 binary Windows Explorer. Association dialog however loads the variables from same place, so binutils-i686-linux-gnu 230-5 binary knows what options have been changed.

Tested under Windows server with VLC 1. Please introduce a command line parameter to disable the media key taps for Binutils-i686-linux-gnu 230-5 binary. I try to watch a youtube video through vlc: All Playlist doesn't get saved. So if user enables or disables that option binutils-i686-linux-gnu 230-5 binary preferences, VLC doesn't remember it. It seems to be related to Qt4 autosaving, so I would guess the interface saves its current settings when VLC is closed, and the option set via preferences gets overridden at that point.

Even a slight binutils-i686-linux-gnu 230-5 binary in speed will binutils-i686-linux-gnu 230-5 binary it so the audio becomes completely destroyed however the video is kept in pace with whatever the playback speed is. Having this with VLC 2. Here is the output when having this and getting it working by seeking later:. I also saw some reports with same error messages binutils-i686-linux-gnu 230-5 binary the Windows forum.

So maybe it is binutils-i686-linux-gnu 230-5 binary just restricted to Linux. However, it would seem that you bundle libdvdnav on OSX which my GF uses and it would, binutils-i686-linux-gnu 230-5 binary, seem that the bundled version is rather old. Is it possible that you could review and incorporate the patch in your bundled libdvdnav, or, alternatively, watch libdvdnav for when the patch is approved and rebase at that point binutils-i686-linux-gnu 230-5 binary time?

As of version 2. VLC does not give any errors, and appears to connect and buffer It can be reproduces on Debian and Ubuntu binutils-i686-linux-gnu 230-5 binary was reported on Debian: VLC is unable to display certain characters from the subtitle file, even though the font in use contains the correct glyphs. Attached is a sample ssa subtitle file containing characters that could not be displayed, as well as a screenshot demonstrating the bug.

Below is a list of the characters that are rendered as the placeholder glyph: This is a problem I've encountered for years: I have often wanted to keep "Always On Top" on, so that VLC is on top of other applications, but it's a real nuisance that its own preferences are covered too. After opening up a video and setting playback speed to 0. In fact, as a result, it seems that the binutils-i686-linux-gnu 230-5 binary speaker of my iMac has been blown out and only the right one works. But in http module, schema stays there after redirection.

When playing playlists with many items the list can be scrolled up and down. If an entry at the lower part is played and then the play is stopped the VLC returns to the playlist. In this case the list is always shown with the big list scrolled to the top and not to the place with the last played entry. I un-check it, save, exit and re-run VLC, and it's checked again! I used to create a bookmark on movie file for educatinal purposes on windows XP and I dont have binutils-i686-linux-gnu 230-5 binary trouble doing that.

But now started using MAC OS for my presentation and tried to bookmark my videos and in some point I get to reach this Bug when I create a bookmark after How can I resolve binutils-i686-linux-gnu 230-5 binary For example, vlc says "6: I disabled ogg-support keeping vorbis and theora enabled. Now file length is correct, files still can be played video and audiobut sound starts about 1 sec. I can reproduce it with vlc Sample file can be found here: When playing this file, there is some serious "hiss"ing going on, especially from 1: It doesn't happen with other binutils-i686-linux-gnu 230-5 binary tested mplayer and kaffeine xine on the same volume level vlc volume around Tried to reset vlc settings, but that didn't help.

Happens on both my desktop linux 64bit and notebook linux 32both use alsa without pulseaudio. I noticed something strange as well: The log doesn't show any errors, and the only warning is: PTS is out of rangedropping buffer. This is mostly noticeable on PowerPC. When using GPU accelerated decoding, the output produces a lot of artifacts and is choppy. Everything works fine and as expected when binutils-i686-linux-gnu 230-5 binary the version before the newest version of the ATI drivers Using Windows 7 Ultimate.

Check the log for details. ID " are now. Interval Since Last Report: Mac OS X The release version of 2. Seems to happen with every video eventually. Also seems to happen after pausing a video for a few minutes and starting it back up. Felix, the build you made for me to test the crash bug the day before release doesn't appear to have these glitches, nor do I recall the nightlies up to that point having them either. Can't check recent nightlies due to missing bit builds. Looking at the messages log in comparison to the non-glitching version, I see "timing screwed, stopping resampling" during audio out of sync warnings when I don't see that same line during out of sync warnings in binutils-i686-linux-gnu 230-5 binary non-glitching version.

So, maybe that's something. Apart from that mime type probably being incorrect for anything VLC ever streams, this causes problems when trying to embed a livestream in a web page. The length parameter is incorrect. Given the code path to get here, it doesn't look like it can be triggered, but it might make sense to change it now in case a future update changes that.

VLC media player 2. There is a typo 'unkown' in the source. I have attached a patch for the VLC master git branch. Please also backport it to 2. These files played mostly correctly on VLC 1.

IN addition seeking in the video does not work, and VLC thinks that the time remaining the length of the video is non-sensical. All of this is on Mac OS X, Has been tried on two different I don't have immediate access to a Windows machine, so can't binutils-i686-linux-gnu 230-5 binary or deny the existence binutils-i686-linux-gnu 230-5 binary the bug there. On Mac OS X It looks like the problem is that the keydown event produces an event where "charactersIgnoringModifiers" returns an empty 0-length string.

The following code does not verify the length before trying to access the first character:. VLC Player does not automatically resize to fit the screen size of the available display — and there is no possibility to change this. Or, in other words, VLC can be larger than the size of the screen, which make no sense. I use Binutils-i686-linux-gnu 230-5 binary 2. Usually a 24" Dell is connected to my MacBook?

VLC is actually unuseable. I select Transcode audio and keep Transcode video unselected, because I just want to extract a wav from a video. But when I do, VLC shows an error message box, "The chosen codecs are not compatible with each other". Wtf, they don't need to be, because I don't want any video, only wav audio extracted. Attached a screenshot, and subtitles file.

Checking or unchecking this option has no effect. I tried resetting preferences. Every time VLC is opened the option is checked. In fact, unchecking it and clicking save has no effect on the current playlist either. The same files play just fine in older versions eg 1. I've been using VLC for sometime now ,but I never had this problem beforeit looks like it Happend after the mountain lion installation that now when I'm playing music and and my energy-saving preferences kick in the computer falls a sleepit looks like VLC doesn't overwrite the sleep function anymore but I can work around it if I turn on the visualization than it doesn't happen.

Instead it gives an error: Assuming Hz frequency instead dtv access error: Inval id argument dtv access error: The pressed state of the equalizer button in the main window of VLC is missing when Binutils-i686-linux-gnu 230-5 binary Lion's native full screen mode is active in the preferences.

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