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All code should work in both of these environments, and all unit tests are run in both of these environments. Currently the following browsers are used for the ci system: It will be removed in next major release. Notable files are moment. We strongly recommend reading this if you plan to use moment with Require. Also upgrade to 2. Then you should use a tool like adapt-pkg-mainor manually -- using packages config. For more complicated use cases please read excellent explanation by jrburke.

Moment will still create a moment global, which is useful to plugins and other third-party code. If you wish to squash that global, use the noGlobal option on the module config. If you don't specify noGlobal then the globally exported moment will print a deprecation warning.

From next major release you'll have to export it yourself if you want that behavior. Because of this, moment must be loaded exactly as as "moment"using paths to determine the directory. There is a bug that prevents moment. If you have trouble importing moment, try adding "allowSyntheticDefaultImports": To load moment, place it in the path specified by your System.

Then import it into your page. To use in Demandwaresee these instructions. If you don't find what you are looking for there, try asking a question on Stack Overflow with the momentjs tag.

More than half of the issues seen on Stack Overflow can be answered by this blog post. You can also use the GitHub issue tracker to find related issues or open a new issue. In addition, Moment has a Gitter where the internal team is frequently available. For general troubleshooting help, Stack Overflow is the preferred forum. Moment's maintainers are very active on Stack Overflow, as are several other knowledgeable users. The fastest response will be there. Instead of modifying the native Date.

To get this wrapper object, simply call moment with one of the supported input types. The Moment prototype is exposed through moment. If you want to add your own functions, that is where you would put them.

For ease of reference, any method on the Moment. They used to default to start-of-today before 2. Binary trading options coupon code for students 2017 creating a moment from a string, we first check if the string matches known ISO formats, we then check if the string matches the RFC Date time format before dropping to the fall back of new Date string if a known format is not found. Browser support for parsing strings is inconsistent. Because there is no specification on which formats should be supported, what works in some browsers will not work in other browsers.

Automatic cross browser ISO support was added in version 1. Support for the week and ordinal formats was added in version 2. If a string does not match any of the above formats and is not able to be parsed with Date. The additional characters are legal in the format but add nothing to creating a valid moment instance. After cleansing, the string is validated in the following space-separated sections, all using the English language:.

The parser ignores non-alphanumeric characters, so both of the following will return the same thing. YYYY from version 2. Y was added in 2. It will match any number, signed or unsigned. It is useful for years that are not 4 digits or are before the common era. It can be used for any year. For these, the lowercase tokens use the locale aware week start days, and the uppercase tokens use the ISO week date binary trading options coupon code for students 2017 days. Use if you have the time printed with many fractional binary trading options coupon code for students 2017 and want to consume the input.

Binary trading options coupon code for students 2017 that the number of S characters provided is only relevant when parsing in strict mode. They were added in version 2. Unless you specify a time zone offset, parsing a string will create a date in the current time zone.

If the moment that results from the parsed input does binary trading options coupon code for students 2017 exist, moment isValid will return false. As of version 2. This has been corrected. Strict parsing requires that the format and input match exactly, including delimeters. Strict parsing is frequently the best parsing option. For more information about choosing strict vs forgiving parsing, see the parsing guide. By default, two digit years above 68 are assumed to be in the 's and years 68 or below are assumed to be in the binary trading options coupon code for students 2017.

This can be changed by replacing the moment. The only argument of this method is a string containing the two years input by the user, and should return binary trading options coupon code for students 2017 year as an integer. If you don't know the exact format of an input string, but know it could be one of many, you can use an array of formats. Starting in version 2. You may also specify a locale and strictness argument.

They work the same as the single format case. Parsing multiple formats is considerably slower than parsing a single format. If you can avoid it, it is much faster to parse a single format. ISO is a standard for time and binary trading options coupon code for students 2017 display. Note that like moment Array and new Date year, month, datemonths are 0 indexed.

To create a moment from a Unix timestamp seconds since the Unix Epochuse moment. Despite Unix timestamps being UTC-based, this function creates a moment object in local mode. If binary trading options coupon code for students 2017 need UTC, then subsequently call. You can create a Moment with a pre-existing native Javascript Date object. This clones the Date object; further changes to the Date won't affect the Momentand vice-versa. You can create a moment with an array of numbers that mirror the parameters passed to new Date.

Construction with an array will create a date in the current time zone. To create a date from an array at UTC, use moment. Because this mirrors the native Date parameters, months, hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds are all zero indexed. Years and days of the month are 1 indexed. If the date represented by the array does not exist, moment isValid will return false.

All moments are mutable. If you want a clone of a moment, you can do so implicitly or explicitly. If you want to parse or display a moment in UTC, you can use moment. It is important to note that though the displays differ above, they are both the same moment in time. Any moment created with moment. To switch from UTC to local time, you can use moment utc or moment local.

Moment's string parsing functions like moment string and moment. You can check whether the Moment considers the date invalid using moment isValid.

You can check the metrics used by isValid using moment parsingFlagswhich returns an object. A date created explicitly as invalid, such as moment. In addition to the above, As of 2. Additionally, if the Moment is parsed in strict mode, these flags must be empty for the Moment to be valid:.

Moment's concept of validity became more strict and consistent between 2. In case of multiple wrong units the first one is returned because days validity may depend on month, for example.

After a moment object is created, all of the inputs can be accessed with creationData method:. You can create a moment object specifying only some of the units, and the rest will be defaulted to the current day, month or year, or 0 for hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds. You may be familiar with this pattern from its use in jQuery. Calling these methods without parameters acts binary trading options coupon code for students 2017 a getter, and calling them with a parameter acts as a setter.

For convenience, both singular and plural method names exist as of version 2. Moment date is for the date of the month, and Moment day is for the day of the week. If the value given is from 0 to 6, the resulting date will be within the current Sunday-to-Saturday week.

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