Start small to go big: here are 35 profitable businesses you can start in India within Rs 10,000

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I will share my research in each field in this article. You will also get to know about how potential of making money is there in each field. I made decent money in a short period of time. I just wish that some of my ideas become useful for you and you can also start a new journey of your career. I spent 15 years in the school to get admission in a decent college. I spent another three years in my graduation in hope of getting a job at the end. There was no guarantee of job but the education system sold me a dream of getting a job.

After completing my graduation. Today, the cost of an engineering degree is no less than 10,00, rupees. One year is a short period if a person can work hard and even if he is is able to earn 10, rupees only without leaving your current job.

Do you have the patience of one year to learn new skills? Find someone else who can make you rich quickly without working hard on your skills. You must select a topic and industry best trading business ideas in india which you have a passion. I am passionate about credit cards, saving money using financial hacks and growing business without spending money on advertisements. Google and Facebook dominate most of the traffic in India. You can create your own ideas by taking hints from what I share.

I create better ideas when I work on my passion finance, travel and marketing. Focusing on your interest is more important than chasing money. Comedy videos become viral very easily. There are a couple of standup comedians like Kapil Sharma and Amit Tandon who have become a celebrity now. The young talent is waiting for their turn. There are thousands of comedians who are looking out for a channel to show their talent. You can help them by building a comedy club online.

Funny videos of kids, puppies and cats are all over the youtube and facebook. Can you make a library where people like me can pick the right video for their content marketing? The person who is the creator of the original video can earn money as commission. If you are a dancer and you have interest in teaching people online then start online dance classes.

Can you make 9 short videos so that I can learn simple dance best trading business ideas in india for the upcoming family function? All industries are getting democratized by internet and that means individuals and organizations are losing control over the industry.

Anyone like you and me can become the owner of an online TV show and complete with the branded channels like StarTV. There is a lot of scope if you can build an audience best trading business ideas in india reality shows online. It must be a micro niche that you are binary option profit low deposit sitemap binary options system dominator virtual trading account vir about.

Facebook must be the first place to begin with if you are going to make an Indian audience centric business. At a later stage, go for moving to a mobile app.

If you have a passion to teach music, start an online best trading business ideas in india for music. You can start with a free youtube video channel, upload a couple of videos to help people in learning music. I search on youtube whenever I have to learn basics of anything.

You can make a good business out of a music school if you deliver high quality lessons to your audience. There are many ways to look at this idea. Or you may become an organizer for the youth parties. Any experienced entrepreneur will advise you to focus on one group in the initial days rather than building something for the whole industry. I would be your first customer if you can help me in creating viral videos at a low cost. Best trading business ideas in india must start making videos yourself in the initial days and later on hire good video makers.

Video demand is increasing every day. All the best trading business ideas in india will have to create a lot of videos in the next few years.

Videos are the easiest way to get viral in a short span of time. You just have to execute. Deliver the video in 24 hours with the promise of 2 revisions in next 24 hours.

If you are able to execute the idea well, you can become viral with thousands of projects in your hand. People pay higher price for the good quality work. They accept failure even before starting.

Best trading business ideas in india you know that we lost 15,00, rupees in best trading business ideas in india first startup? I decided to work best trading business ideas in india harder to get the success. There could be many business best trading business ideas in india in the entertainment industry. Depending upon your aspirations and risk taking capacity, you can make a nice money from advertisements pay per click and pay per viewselling services and affiliate products.

In the long run, your business model would be a partnership with big brands, celebrities, production houses and TV channels. A single guy can make about 50, torupees with a dedicated effort of one year. A team of people can make more thanrupees in less than one year if they execute the projects with perfection. Your revenue can be multi crore per year if you become an influencer of entertainment industry like TVF.

I have not picked sports as the category, because Indians are not sports lovers, we are the cricket lovers. Cricket remains in the air throughout the year. When you are starting something for a business purpose, you must start in a business where you can get customers throughout the year. No, I am not an anti-national. Cricket works very well just like the entertainment industry. You pick your favorite player and make a fan club about him. Read the details of businesses to get more inspiration.

India is a country, but we have so many cultures within this one country. I have travelled many states last month when we were best trading business ideas in india our road trip from Chandigarh to Karnataka. Each state looks like a separate country.

IPL is based on the same concept, where each region has one team. Yes, there is a business model if you can execute. The name explains it all. Pick the latest cricket news, curate interesting facts around the news and become the next cricket news channel. You will get thousands of readers from Facebook without spending any money on marketing.

Slightly different from the ordinary news, go for some interesting facts about the players, their life and the game as well. Your content can go really viral if you will execute it well. If you are really passionate about cricket, then the ideas would come naturally to you. In the cricket season, you could make a lot of money through the Ads.

In the long run, you can sell cricket equipment on your website. Partnerships with sports brand can make you a real businessman in the industry. All you need is a regular flow of cricket fans on your website. Revenue from Ads would remain similar as in the entertainment industry. A single person can execute the whole project with a dedicated effort of one year. You can make your best trading business ideas in india comfortable by earning a handsome amount. If you are able to turn out the business as a huge success, you can make several crores out of it per year.

Elections happen every year in some states of India. Politics domain has been always remain hot. A great opportunity if you love debating on Indian politics. Indian audience spends a lot of time on Facebook and Twitter for political discussions.

You can join the madness and create a yet another Facebook page to defame one political party and give benefit to your favorite party. Or, you can become the legitimate source of a well-researched news and information.

You can write your own opinion about the political facts. Go and read a lot of stuff about the history and political movements happened in the past. Be prepared to face the heat from political parties if you share any fake news or try to manipulate facts.

Run your business with your own responsibility. I am just sharing an idea.

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There are several young people, college students, housewives who want to earn money by spending few hours in a day or week. These ideas would work for every one including who are searching for small business ideas for women. These includes small business ideas from home too. At the end we have given Small Scale Business list too.

I have added several ideas suitable for Business Ideas in India. Some of them are best small business in India. Best Manufacturing Business Ideas to start in We have analyzed good small business ideas which can be started with very low investment. Here are the list of business ideas. With the unemployment rate increasing, there is a large demand for the recruitment firm. Starting this small business would require very low investment. With growing demand on real estate properties, starting a real estate consultant business would be a good option.

This is a good idea for small business. Providing resources to the companies on need basis would be another good business idea.

Little planning in terms of hiring is required; else this small business ideas would not be successful. Since India has large manpower resource, this is one of the Best business ideas in India to start.

This is one of the innovative idea to start small business. This is also one of the good business ideas for beginners. Opening a book store is good idea. It can include school books, stationery or general management books etc. Innovative methods in this business idea can lead to good income. Have you observed the special gifts during festival seasons? You can try any innovative methods of preparing gifts for the festivals. This is one of the best home based business ideas.

This one of the good creative small business ideas. People have become busy, they do not want to spend time in travelling to restaurants.

Mobile food courts are becoming prominent these days which provides food facilities at good locations where there is potential business. Start your own internet blog or website like the one I have started for Best investment options.

However you need to spend time every day or several hours a week to become successful in this business. This is one of the best small business ideas for women. Insurance agent is another old business. However people still give lot of preference to insurance, hence this business idea is not going to get killed in the near future.

There are ways to be successful as an insurance agent. This is one of the top business ideas for housewives. One of the best small business ideas for men. Start a shop which sells, Gift articles. This is another fast developing small business.

I have seen success in such business idea when the shop is placed in a good location. This is one of the top small business ideas for women as they generally have more creativity then men: This is one of the creative small business ideas. Event management business is fast growing business. If you have good networking and you can move things quickly, then you could be successful in this small business. This is one of the good business ideas with low investment and high profits.

Have you ever tried any internet business like selling on eBay. There are several simple steps to follow to become successful in eBay busines s. There are good options in this business like you need not own any goods, but you can sell them directly to customers. What a good idea. This is one of the best small business ideas from home. This is one of the excellent small business ideas. Start training the people, what you are expert in.

Become more expert while you teach. If someone asks me to talk about good investments or business ideas, I can talk for nonstop 5 to 6 hours. If you have such skill, you could be a winner in this business in the area which you are expert. Gone are the days where people used to think that ice cream demand is only in summer. This is one of the good small profitable business ideas. This is a new and fast growing small business. Who does not like chocolate? This answers how successful the business would be.

Search engine optimization consultant. Have you heard of this? There are several blogs or websites which are getting created every day. However how many are sustaining. This is due to lack of knowledge on how to market the blog and improve the rankings. Learning the SEO would take 1 to 3 months time frame, but there are enormous opportunities once you have become expert in SEO. This would be a good idea for women and senior citizens or college students who want to spend few hours and want to make money.

This is also one among the fast growing small business ideas. Good networking skills and skills on making things happen, are required to be successful in this business. This is trending in India now, hence this is one of the best business in India. Do you love gold? Then why not get trained as jewellery maker which would take 3 to 5 months and start this business? Indian women loves Jewellery. This could be one of the high successful small business ideas in India.

People preferring to live in a rich life style by interior decoration at home as well as office. There is good demand for interior designers.

This is one among the sure shot good small business ideas. These are some of the best small business ideas to start from small towns in India. I am giving small scale business list for quick check. This is one of the business ideas with low investment and high profits. This is one of the good small business ideas for small towns.

If you are looking for small business ideas from home, this could be perfect one for you. Top Creative and unique Business Ideas to start in India. There are several free themes, however they can be customized with few changes and can be sold at fees. You can work as advisor and earn good comissions. However you need to understand various investment options like stocks, mutual funds, bonds, IPO's, fixed deposits etc. You can pass AMFI certification and join as mutual fund agent and start promoting mutual fund schemes.

These days education has become costly. Parents want their child to be educated in competitive environment. Opening coaching centers for school students and graduate centres has enourmous opportunities.

These days many of us are concerned about our good habits. You can do small course as nutrionist and start advicing people about health tips.

You can map this as part time and earn good money on evenings and on weekends. This is one of the Innovative business Ideas for women. Every one has become busy in life. Every one want to spend whatever time left in their life without spending time on regular buying of groceries. You can encash by delivery groceries delivery service and charge amount. You can make out some skills and start resume writing service.

This is unique business idea which is not yet implemented in India. You can assemble few of plumbers and start online plumber works. Customers can call on a toll free number and you can provide this service and make out good money.