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It includes artificial intelligence and Elliott wave functions as part of the basic package. Norman Smith, Jurik Best software for trading analysis Software. It is a package that's offered at a highly competitive price with two key features: Tradecision does perform as advertised.

Whether it can help you make money is really up to you and your trading style, as the software provides every imaginable analytical tool. If you are a technical trader with a bent for highly sophisticated tools, this is the software for you.

If so inclined, you can build models, back test, develop strategies, tune technical indicators, set up alerts, define interdependencies, monitor trades in real time, and execute trades online. You can add them to charts or include them in back-tested strategies, money-management rules, neural-network models, and alerts.

You can create new ones from scratch or change their parameters. Tradecision includes studies that identify candlestick formations doji, hammer, evening star and one-day patterns inside and outside bars, gaps, run days. In addition, the platform spots plots trends, pivots, reversals, and Elliott Waves automatically by David Bukey.

Tradecision is clearly a strong tool for stock analysis and enabling an investor to have control of their data and application of their strategy in a way that should reduce their risks best software for trading analysis enhance their profits.

The use of neural networks and the analytics is excellent for being more responsive to significant changes in the markets. They have a very clear idea of how to build a successful strategy and then provide the tools to execute it. Its customisation and charting functionalities are among the most straightforward I have used.

These two technologies are still in their infancy and Tradecision offers traders the opportunity to be at the cutting edge of technical development. The Trader's Journal www. It sports a clean, spacious charting area and oodles of tools, pre-coded functions, indicators binary options stategy highlow bullseye forecaster hft and genesis matrix strategies.

Read the entire product review 1. In all, Tradecision is a convincing product with a very good price to performance ratio. Australian Technical Analysts Association. This comprehensive best software for trading analysis of trading software and data vendors is free for members and available for purchase by non-members. I do appreciate your attention and best software for trading analysis timeliness of your response. My experience with this product is so far so good: Trade2Win prides itself on being the leading community web site for active traders.

Tradecision is a professional trading software for charting, technical analysis and trading systems design. This package combines standard technical analysis tools with neural networks and other artificial intelligence methods. It also features formula language, strategy simulation and WizardsEverywhere to help develop trading strategies.

Tradecision is a very comprehensive trading system design, testing, simulation, and execution software package. The number of data sources is impressive with all major vendors being supported including a couple of free ones for historical daily data like Yahoo and MSN. One great feature is the ability to apply a strategy to a list of symbols, run historical tests, and collate all the results to see the overall performance of the strategy on the list of symbols.

There is a plethora of available attributes to scan on and there were no problems constructing scans to find the equities of interest. There is stuff here I've never seen anywhere else! They have taken a very simple approach to the complex world of AI, and have done it very well.

Having been an active discretionary trader for years as well as a Commodities Trading Advisor specializing in the popular eMini Futures and Forex Market, I found this program to be an excellent addition to my trading arsenal.

Most important to us though as money managers in currency trading, is its back testing abilities. We continuously design and test new systems to make sure we always stay on the optimal edge and to continue to diversify. Also, it is clear that the back testing features and built in strategies would be very beneficial to traders who have recently decided to create their own destiny in trading.

Bonus — free end-of-day EOD data! And finally, the entire interface is very easy and fun to use. Thanks for making our research much easier.

I would like to congratulate your company on creating such a thoroughly developed, feature-rich, but easy- to- use product. I am especially impressed with your analytical study, Ingenious MA that seems to filter price very closely and gives very little lag.

The user guides are well-written and I look forward to further experimenting with the neural networks right now, I just seem to be best software for trading analysis random trade generators. Tradecision's technical analysis tools best software for trading analysis artifical intelligence provide a key element in trading success: Tradecision offers an edge for traders by providing advanced charting tools, automated money management rules, and strategy-based trading.

I highly recommend it for intraday traders like myself who rely purely on trading setups with strict rules. Tradecision provides a series of tools to help the investor make trading decisions or create his own system.

Market Technicians Association, Inc. Tradecision is a trade analysis and decision package with lots of unique features. Traders can write their own strategies with a simple and easy to use Improvian language and back test it against historical data. The Tradecision user interface is designed intelligently, intuitively. It is easy to use and combined with Direct Trade Execution DTE and real time data feeds, it can be a formidable tool for intra day traders.

Our customers use Tradecision for analysis and then execute it through DTE. Tradecision provides a progressive and well rounded package for traders. The user friendly software includes charting, technical analysis tools and trading system development capability.

Along with classic technical indicators, Tradecision offers cutting edge artificial intelligence features, notably the neural networks engine. Tradecision features an attractive price and it is a well-balanced offering for technical analysis, creation of proprietary trading systems and indicators, backtesting, optimization and money management.

Trading systems can be created on the basis of either proprietary indicators or those available as built-in software tools for the created systems. A unique feature of the program is the ability to create trading systems using neural networks models.

Tradecision's tools are very well thought-out - an example of this can be the system's money management capabilities - the position size area is more like part of an advanced program; there is also a detailed built-in setting for stop-loss rules that allows instantly using them to test systems.

Everything is relatively intuitive and user-friendly. Tradecision includes the collection of practical features that can help you make better decisions, analyze markets, maximize profit, and develop your personal trading systems. For anyone looking for a well- rounded software package, combining data management, charting and a strong neural network capability, your software offers excellent value for money. Just take a look best software for trading analysis the statistics The solution is Neural Models that can be used to forecast price movements.

Anson Bond, Calgary, Canada. The features, flexibility and user friendliness best software for trading analysis Tradecision are simply unmatched. Since I have to change my trading strategy on regular basis, I find the Simulation Manager and Strategy Optimization features priceless. The Support Team are best software for trading analysis attentive, dedicated and very kind. Although I am fairly new user of Tradecision and have tried other trading software, I find Tradecision to be the best software I have used to date.

It has many customisable default indicators and analytical studies, far greater than those normally provided by other programmes Elliot Wave, Pattern Recognition, etc. The most impressive experience I have had with Tradecision has been the support of the Sales and Technical personnel, who always promptly responded to requests and even provide minor upgrades to the software to satisfy customer needs.

A technical team that listens to its customers and responds to their needs, now that's rare. I have been studying this stock intensely as I am developing an end-of-day trending system and am using Tradecision Pro RT to try to predict future price action. LIFC is an uptrending high relative strength stock with a high degree of institutional accumulation, so I'm building a neural model to reflect these inputs. Strong uptrending stocks can remain overbought for long periods of time, so conventional oscillators like the RSI are sometimes not a good predictor of future price action.

I therefore decided to build a neural model to help me predict LIFC's future price. I spend a lot of money for useless best software for trading analysis and signal providers in the past with the result of learning everything myself and recently started making profit most days. Now using Tradecision I'm not looking for a "magic crystal ball", but utilize NN power as additional source of information.

I'm using fibos for target and timing, mainly EMA, Bollinger, Elliot waves successfully, but not correlating past information beyond their timeframes. The markets are volatile and dynamic, but the human memory is not that fast.

A great deal of the work I do in statistical arb, pairs trading and volatility trades. I must say best software for trading analysis results are really good using Best software for trading analysis. I probably make somewhere around 60 trades a month.

Most of my activity these days is focused in the resource sector but not exclusively. I do some options trading as well. I am using a moving average against the same moving average forecasted 4 days in advancelikely best software for trading analysis 10 day moving average.

I must say I am quite impressed with the software. I like the automated trendlines drawing capabilities for example. As well, the overall breadth and range of the software is almost overwhelming. It is indeed a very comprehensive package. Glenn Lidstone, Ontario, Canada. You take your customers seriously. I must commend your staff and programmers for so many many features One of the things I read on the web from existing customers was how response your company is to addressing best software for trading analysis quickly.

That is certainly proving to be the case. I look forward to using Tradecision for institutional level portfolio and investment management. Your software is simply some of the best we have seen anywhere, and is reasonably priced.

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