Ragnarok Online - Archer/Hunter FAQ

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Rangers are masters of bows and accompanied by their loyal Warg Wolf. And one of the best for hunting field MvPs advanced binoculars ragnarok Geneticist. There was a great debate among the community about which of these 4 Elven Bow [1]Gigantic Bow [1]Giant Crossbow [2] and Crimson Bow [2] is the best bow for Ranger. Below is advanced binoculars ragnarok analysis about the pros and cons of these 4 weapons. Aimed Bolt or any bow-related attack that isn't Arrow Storm: All elemental arrows are sold by Arrow Dealers in Payon and Prontera except these and status arrows.

The stat distributions below serve only as examples. Different advanced binoculars ragnarok have different equipment and should tweak their stats based on their current equipment. All PvM Ranger builds should have the same or similar skill tree to this. Lure monsters carefully and avoid being mobbed advanced binoculars ragnarok Arrow Shower and Camouflage.

Despite not gearing toward Aimed Bolta snared large target can take up to over 1, damage from Aimed Bolt using high refined Elven Bow [1]Crimson Bow [2] or Gigantic Bow [1] under the right circumstance.

While devastating against single target with Unlimitthis build requires heavy support from Maestro and dedicated tank in order to be effective. With adequate support, this is the best build for taking down tanky MvPs in instances. Adding extra damage on your Auto-Attack. Not much to say here, just click on advanced binoculars ragnarok target and watch the number pop up.

Great for taking down MvPs both inside and outside instances. MvPs are tough monsters that have a long respawn time from 1 to 12 hours depending on their tier. MvPs can summon slaves, servant monsters that will accompany and fight together with them. Slaves can break away from their master if they are provoked but will be re-summoned back to their master's side if they are too faraway. Slaves of an immobilized MvP that can't reach a player due to lack of range or out of range will lose their aggro on said player.

Also the combo of Ankle Snare and Aimed Bolt can advanced binoculars ragnarok over 1, damage under right circumstances. To avoid that make sure you can kill it in oneshot while its HP advanced binoculars ragnarok above this threshold. Watch out for Dispell while having Unlimit on. Retrieved from " https: Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in.

Views Read View source View history. Recent changes Random page Wiki Help. This page was last modified on 20 Aprilat This page has been accessedtimes. Casting it will also reveal hidden enemies nearby. Useful for immobilizing powerful mobs. Snared enemies are affected by Advanced binoculars ragnarok Bolt multiple hits bonus. Disarms traps and recovers Trap or Special Alloy Advanced binoculars ragnarok. Same as Remove Trap but with your Falcon.

A powerful single target skill. If used advanced binoculars ragnarok target that is being affected by Ankle Snare it will inflict multiple hits. Hides yourself from the enemies with the exception of Insects, Demons, advanced binoculars ragnarok Boss-types and allows movement at high levels. Also increases the damage of your first hit. Summons or discharges your Warg. Orders your Warg to strike at a target. Can be used while riding Warg. Increases Warg Strike damage. Airship Captain's Hat [1].

Fox Ears Bell Ribbon [1]. Good for Auto-Warg Build. Good for Aimed Bolt Build. Ancient Gold Ornament [1]. Wolfchev's Laboratory or Biolab Gear Exchange.

Black Frame Glasses [1]. Useful when you have to farm a lot of materials and loots. Blank Card can be exchanged into goodies in 2nd floor Main Office. CD In Advanced binoculars ragnarok [0]. White Wing Suits [1]. Really good starting weapon and you can use it immediately right after changing to Hunter. Use with Hunting Arrow for the combo damage. Gargoyle in Glast Heim Sewer Area. Easy to obtain, a direct upgrade from Hunter Bow. Use with Elven Arrow for the combo damage.

Bow of Storm [1]. The poor-man version of Gigantic Bow [1]. Still a very effective weapon and a lot cheaper to buy from market. High advanced binoculars ragnarok ranged damage and can use any arrow type make it the most versatile bow. Owl Baron in Thanatos Tower advanced binoculars ragnarok Floor. White Wing Manteau [0]. Giant Snake Skin [1]. White Wing Boots [1]. Temporal DEX Boots [1]. Materials from Old Glast Heim Instance. For Aimed Bolt Build. Temporal LUK Boots [1].

White Wing Brooch [0]. Bakonawa Agimat Tattoo [0]. Pendant of Maelstrom [1]. Advanced Ring of Flame Lord [0]. Eden Group Crystal Synthesis. Duneyrr in Nidhogg's Dungeon. Dolomedes in El Dicastes Field 01 and Phylla in Nidhoggur's Nest Instance. Great for Auto-Warg Build. Giearth in Coal Mine 2nd Floor. Porcellio in Einbroch Field Ancient Mimic in Thanatos Tower 2nd Floor.

Bathory in Clock Tower Basement 4th Floor. Marc in Byalan Dungeon 4th Floor. Swordfish in Byalan Dungeon 4th Floor. Old Glast Heim Instance. Hunter Fly in Geffen Dungeon 1st Floor. Menblatt in Eclage Field Petal in Eclage Field Verit in Pyramid Basement 1st Floor. Green Ferus in Abyss Lake 1st Floor. Matyr in Sphinx 2nd Floor and Pyramid 4th Floor. Firelock Soldier in Amatsu Dungeon 1st Floor.

Creamy in Geffen Field Phen in Byalan Dungeon 4th Floor. Essence of Evil STR advanced binoculars ragnarok. Temple of Demon God Instance. Essence of Evil AGI 3. Consumable for Trap skills.

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The crystal synthesis quests provide players with enhanced gears, synthesized with energy crystals. They also provide three hours buffs which also reward crystals. Reno also can compress energy crystal: Rough and Purified Crystals can be sold and traded between accounts, but High Energy Crystals are account-bound. You may request an energy crystal buff from Reno. The 23 hour cooldown starts when you get the crystals, not when you start the quest, so these can't be done every day. Despite the in-game description, there are no maximum level requirements for any of the following quests.

Retrieved from " https: Repeatable Quests Eden Group Quests. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. Views Read View source View history. This page was last modified on 2 January , at This quest or instance can be repeated. This quest or instance has a 23 hour cooldown period. Improved Mage Hat [1]. Improved Magician Hat [1]. Improved Joker Jester [1]. Improved Bunny Band [1].

Improved Munak Hat [1]. Improved Bongun Hat [1]. Improved Opera Phantom Mask. Max HP increases with Base Level. Advanced Safety Ring [1]. Advanced Angelic Protection [1]. Advanced Angelic Guard [1]. Advanced Angel's Reincarnation [1]. Advanced Angel's Kiss [1]. Advanced Angelic Cardigan [1]. Enhanced Bone Helm [1]. Enhanced Helm of Angel [1]. Enhanced Hat of the Sun God [1]. Enhanced Variant Shoes [1]. Advanced Ring of Flame Lord. Advanced Ring of Resonance.