Commercial diplomacy

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Commercial diplomacy is a method of diplomacy. It concerns an activity conducted by public and private actors with diplomatic status to support business promotion between a home and host country. In the literature the concepts of Economic diplomacy and commercial diplomacy are often used interchangeably.

Some authors argue that commercial diplomacy is a subset of economic diplomacy. Commercial diplomacy emphasizes the government's role, being defined as "a government service to the business community, which aims at the development of socially beneficial international business ventures".

Commercial diplomacy is actions commerciales definition to influence foreign government policy and regulatory decisions that affect global trade and investment. It is concerned with government regulations and actions that affect international commerce—including standards in areas such as health, safety, the environment, and consumer protection; regulations covering services such as banking, telecommunications and accounting ; competition policy and laws concerning bribery and corruption; agricultural support actions commerciales definition and industrial subsidies.

Potter argues that commercial diplomacy is a value-creating activity due to its usefulness in dealing with managerial and government concerns. In this context, commercial diplomacy is profitable in that it makes exporting and operating abroad easier; it is a valuable instrument for export promotion and operating abroad; it enables companies to perform tasks abroad more quickly and increases the amount of exports and company results by providing information about rules, regulations, culture, public tenders and the market of the host country; by providing support during the partner search; and by providing assistance in trade disputes, fairs, and missions.

Especially actions commerciales definition companies that actions commerciales definition financial limitations, access to reliable information and a broad network abroad are essential.

Practitioners of commercial diplomacy are usually trade officials who are charged with negotiating international trade and investment agreements and resolving policy conflicts that affect international commerce.

Officials from departments or ministries responsible for foreign affairs, finance, agriculture, industry, labor, health, the environment, the regulation of banks, telecommunications, air transportation, or the licensing of professionals can be commercial diplomats.

Some authors also include the role of the private sector. Chambers of commerce and NGOs are examples of the private actors involved in commercial diplomacy. Traditional commercial diplomacy activities include networking, intelligence, image campaigns and support.

These activities are shown in the table below. Other activities for commercial diplomacy and rationales that companies need are: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Advanced series in Management, Emerald, Koopman versus dominee in de nieuwe economische wereldorde ", International Spectator65 9 A gap analysis", Journal of International Business Studies23 4 Government Agencies in Commercial Diplomacy: North Carolina State University, p.

Diplomacy", International Studies Perspectives 5, p. International Economic Actions commerciales definition mutations in post modern times". Commercial diplomacy and international business Den Haag: Permanent representative United Nations Ambassador-at-large Resident representative. Resident Resident commissioner Envoy Agent-general.

Diplomatic courier Queen's Messenger Foreign minister. Caviar diplomacy Checkbook diplomacy Coercive diplomacy Commercial diplomacy Cultural diplomacy Defence diplomacy Digital diplomacy Dollar diplomacy Freelance diplomacy Full spectrum diplomacy Guerrilla diplomacy Gunboat diplomacy New diplomacy Panda diplomacy Paradiplomacy Pilgrimage diplomacy Ping-pong diplomacy Preventive diplomacy Public diplomacy Shuttle diplomacy Stadium actions commerciales definition.

Appeasement Consular actions commerciales definition Consular immunity Diplomatic accreditation Diplomatic bag Diplomatic cable Diplomatic credentials Diplomatic history Diplomatic illness Diplomatic immunity Diplomatic law Diplomatic rank Diplomatic service Actions commerciales definition uniform Protocol.

Exequatur Letter of credence Letter of protest. Development aid Agencies Parliamentary delegation Summit meeting Twin towns actions commerciales definition sister cities. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 15 Juneat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Diplomatic leader titles Multilateral Permanent representative United Nations Ambassador-at-large Resident representative.

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